Ten main reasons for making territorial data known

In an interesting article by Cadasta, Noel tells us that while more than 1,000 world leaders in territorial rights met in Washington DC in the middle of last year for the Annual Conference Territory and Poverty of the World Bank, the expectation that exists regarding the policies in regarding data collection for [...]

Best QGIS Courses in Spanish

Take a course QGIS surely it is in the goal of many for the present year. From the open source programs, QGIS It has become the most demanded solution, both by private companies and government organizations. So, although domines ArcGIS or another tool, include in your sheet [...]

This land is NOT for sale

This is an interesting article by Frank Pichel, in which he analyzes the added value of legal security applied to real estate. The initial question is interesting and very true; It reminds me of my recent visit to the living area of ​​Granada in Nicaragua, where a beautiful colonial house literally has graffiti "property in [...]

TopView - Application for surveying and surveying

Every day we see that our needs are changing and that for different reasons we are forced to acquire different PC Software, GPS Compass, and Total Stations, each one with a different program, with the need of a learning for each system, and in which we have incompatibility of data being often impossible to pass the [...]

New BIM publication: BIM in simple language

The Press Institute Bentley, editor of a wide range of textbooks and professional consultation works dedicated to the advances of BIM applied to various areas such as architecture, engineering, construction, operations, geospatial and educational, today announced the availability of its new title, BIM in simple language, now available both [...]

Download maps and plan a route using BBBike

BBBike is an application whose main objective is to provide a route planner to travel, by bicycle, through a city and its surroundings. How do we create our route planner? Indeed, if we enter your website, the first thing that is shown to us is a list with the names of different cities, among the [...]

Should we replace the word "Geomatics"?

Taking into account the results of a recent survey, carried out by the Board of the Geomatics Professional Group (GPGB) of the RICS, Brian Coutts follows the evolution of the word "Geomatics" and argues that the time has come to consider a change. This word has returned to show its "ugly" head. The […]

Draw coordinates in AutoCAD from an Excel CSV file

I have gone to the field, and I have raised a total of 11 points of a property, as shown in the drawing. 7 of those points, are boundaries of the vacant lot, and four are the corners of the house erected. When downloading the data, I have converted them into a file separated by commas, known as [...]

How to download AutoCAD 2018 - educational version

The educational versions of AutoCAD they are fully functional, both for students and teachers. To download AutoCAD, you must follow the following steps: 1. Access the page of AutoDesk. Enter your account or create a new one. You must choose the download link for educational version: https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/autocad Ene this case, I am selecting that [...]