Excel to Google Earth, from UTM coordinates

Let's see the case:

I have gone to the field to build a property, as shown in the following table and I want to visualize it in Google Earth, including a couple of photos that I have taken

The genius of the template is that of only one:

  • Converts the UTM coordinatesTo Geographic in decimal format, as it is what Google requires
  • Allows you to set the name of the destination file
  • Lets name the layer of kml
  • Rewrite existing file, even if it is already generated
  • It allows to use html tags in the description, such as images, hyperlinks, etc.

Excel to google earth UTM

The template is ready for the spheroid to be selected, we know that for Google Earth we must choose WGS84.

  • In the first column we enter the data that Google will show as Label.
  • In the next two UTM coordinates, taking care that our system is configured to use the thousands separator comma and the point as a decimal point separator. So a coordinate such as 599.157,90 should not be written as 599157.90
  • In the next column we enter the zone. With only placing it on the first line, the others will be changed. Although they can be changed manually if the data were in the limit of two zones. In the same way the hemisphere; in this case I am using data from Bogotá, that is why I use the 18 Zone and the Northern Hemisphere.
  • And finally the description, which is what we would see when we click on the point in Google Earth.

How to upload these coordinates to Google Maps and then download them to Google Earth

Step 1. Download the data feed template. To use the example we have shown in the images you can download this template.

Step 2. Upload the template By selecting the template with the data, the system will alert if there was data that could not be validated; Among these validations includes:

  • If the coordinate columns are empty
  • If the coordinates have non-numeric fields
  • If the zones are not between the 1 and the 60
  • If the hemisphere field there is something different than North or South.

The description data supports html content, like the one shown in the example that includes the deployment of an image. The same would support things like links to routes on the Internet or the local disk of the computer, videos, or any rich content.

Step 3. Display the data in the table and on the map.

Immediately the data is uploaded, the table will show the alphanumeric data and the map the geographical locations; As you can see, the upload process includes the transformation of these coordinates into geographic format as required by Google Maps.

Once the icon is released you can have the visualization of the points placed on the Google Street View and navigate on it. By clicking on the icons you can see the detail.

Step 4. Reproject data. By default, data loading is in WGS84, as used by Google. But this functionality allows you to change to another system of projected coordinates and refresh the map. As an example, I'm switching to Clarke 1866 and see that the vertices are re-projected onto the map.

Here you can see the template working in video.

Step 5. Download the Kml map using the gTools service.

You enter a download code and then you have the file that you can view in Google Earth; the application shows where to obtain a download code with which you can make downloads up to 400 times, with no limit on how many vertices there may be in each download using the gTools API. Just the map shows the coordinates from Gooogle Earth, with the views of three-dimensional models are activated.

Another option: Convert the coordinates to a kml file using an Excel macro

Excel to google earth UTM

Once the tabular data has been filled in, on the right appears the name of the kml file and the address where it will be stored. in this case it appears as C: \ Race 25 X.kml

  • In the lower row we write the name that the layer will have in the kml file, in this case: 25 X Race Survey
  • The result is this: when you touch a point you can see the description of the last column of Excel.
  • Finally, once we are ready we press the green button, and the file should have been generated.

The result, when opening it in Google Earth is as follows. See the name of the layer, as we call it, and then there are the points with its description; when touched, a display of detail is raised. If the objects or labels They are very large, they can be customized in Google Earth by right clicking on the layer and choosing properties.

Excel to google earth UTM

How to add the photo to kml

This is simple, suppose that in the detail of the level bank I want to put the image of the cadastre plate, then in the cell corresponding to the description I write:

Excel to google earth UTMProperty Limit, Cadastre Level Bank <img src = »http://geofumadas.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Clavo_alcoi.jpg» width = »250 ″ height =» 233 ″ />

Similarly, if at the point I have called Photo, I want to place a photo of the facade of the house, the procedure is similar.


  • If you need to insert more rows, make copies of the existing ones so that they go with formula.
  • You do not have to add columns, if you do it can stop working.
  • Requires that you accept the execution of macros when opening the Excel file
  • If it sends you an error message, it could be that the C: directory does not have write permission, you can try another folder like C: \ users \ downloads \ as long as the folder exists.

Utm to google earth Downloads

From here they can download The kml file As it should be.

Downloading the template in Excel requires a symbolic contribution, which you can do with Paypal or credit card.

In case what you have is Geographic coordinates of type Latitude, Longitude, and you want to send to Google Earth, the template is this.

Learn how to make this and other templates in the Excel-CAD-GIS cheat course.

Common problems

It may happen that, when using the application, one of the following incidents may appear:

Error 75 - File path.

This happens because the path that has been defined where the kml file is to be saved is not accessible or there are no permissions for this action.

Ideally, it is to place a route on disk D, which has fewer restrictions than what disk C. usually has. Example:

D: \

The points are coming out at the North Pole.

This usually happens, because in our windows, as indicated in the instruction for the template to work, the regional configuration must be established in the regional panel:

  • -Point, for decimals separator
  • -Coma, for thousands separator
  • -Coma, for listings separator

So, a data such as: One thousand seven hundred and eighty meters with twelve centimeters should be seen as 1,780.12

The image shows how this configuration is done.

This is another image that shows the configuration in the control panel.

Once the change is made, the file is generated again and then, the points will appear where it corresponds in Google Earth.

If you have a question, write to the support email editor@geofumadas.com. Always indicate the version of windows you are using.

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  1. Hello, could you share a demo or temporary test application "Excel to Google Earth, from UTM coordinates", only for educational purposes and in the way I promote your application. Thank you.

  2. Go to the regional settings of your Windows and set the point as a decimal point separator and the comma as thousands separator.

    If you still have doubts write to the support email that came with the purchase of the template.

  3. Good afternoon

    It also takes me to the North Pole and the point cloud is in Asunción del Paraguay

    Can you help me, please?

  4. The problem was solved by support.
    It was a problem of compatibility with new versions of office 365 and 64 bits.


  5. Saudações Ulisses.
    Or problem is a regional configuration of your operational system.
    You must guarantee that a blank is placed, such as a milhar separator, a blank as a list separator or as a decimal point separator.
    To obtain support for a model purchase, send an e-mail of support that accompanies the purchase.

  6. Follow the recommendations of the site, insert information and return or error »Microsoft Visual Basic» Error in execution time «13»: Type Incompatíveis.

  7. Hello Alejandro.
    The reason why you send the data to the pole, is because in your windows you must make this configuration:

    The point, as a separator of thousands
    The comma, as a separator of decimals
    The comma, as a list separator.

    If you have any doubt, we have sent you an email.

  8. It does not do the calculations well, it sends you to the north pole, I have done it even with the data that comes as such in the excel and sends you to the north pole, it seems a joke that you charge for something and that does not work, I hope that solve the problem.

    If I do not demand the return of my money.

  9. Hi carlos.
    The 76 error is usually associated with the folder you are addressing where the file is to be created.
    Ideal that you use a route in a directory D: and not C: because many times you do not have direct write permission in C:
    It is also a good idea to review the regional point settings such as separating decimal and comma as thousands separator.
    let me know if you have any doubt.

  10. Hi, I'm using Excel for Mac and I get an error number 76

  11. Quero Excel altitudes of Google e Hart vocês tem coordenador X yz

  12. the configuration you have is correct.
    Do you have it at the Excel level or the regional windows configuration?

    To facilitate the support, you can do it to the email editor (at) geofumadas. com

  13. Hello,
    Thanks for sending me the link. Now, whatever he does, he sends me to the North Pole.
    I put the UTM N first and E later, and then backwards. I have thousands separated by commas and decimals by points.
    The coordinates are from northern Chile (19 s).
    Any suggestions?

  14. You had been sent to the post office, the problem is that you wrote the mail incorrectly,

    We have sent it to the correct email that you have written.


  15. Hello!
    I paid twice for the product and I never received the template.
    Can you get it to me, please?
    The transaction number is 5SV58331V3337363F

  16. Hello Carolina, we have already sent you the link to your email. It could be that he went to your spam.


  17. Hi, I tell them that I already paid them but they did not give me the option to download. pay from paypal to Carolina Trujillo and the receipt number was 797849290 × 9052642

  18. Good morning,

    I already sent the template to the mail, explaining a little our case in it.

    Thank you very much and best regards.

  19. The template is set to close to 500 points.
    To increase it to more points, it is necessary to modify the code. Send the template to @ geofumadas editor and we will expand it.

  20. Good morning,

    We are trying to expand the spreadsheet, but when opening the .kml file with google earth, we only get the data corresponding to the original rows of the spreadsheet. How could we expand it to introduce the volume of points we need? Do you have a limit of points to enter?

    Thanks and regards.

  21. Good morning Juan Pablo. We have resubmitted the link to your email, for download. Maybe it was gone to your spam.
    Additionally we have refunded the duplicate payment you have made.

    If you have another question, let us know


  22. They screwed me with the file, I paid the "symbolic contribution" twice and I didn't get the form.

  23. The 75 error idica that the path you are giving does not have write rights, instead of doing it directly on disk C, try another address, either a subfolder or an E disk

  24. My dear, I changed the semicolon option in the control panel of windows, and the problem persists.

    «Erro no tempo de execução '75':
    Erro from access to road / archives ».

    Place or archival kml em: c: \ Career 25 X.kml
    Detail: Survey 25 X

    Please help me solve this problem.

  25. This is giving an error processing the coordinates.
    error 75

    The dot (.) And the comma (,) are as below.
    E: 711.777,080
    N: 8.620.815,130

    I tried changing it by changing the mascara of excel, but it did not work.

    How do I solve this problem ???

  26. That good.

    The paths relative to the beams to files, as an example

    File: /// C: /Users/geofumadas/Pictures/005c_got.png

    An easy way to find routes, open google chrome, and from here you use «ctrl + o» and then look for the file. In the url you will see the route.

  27. Good morning again,

    Thank you very much for the help, we have solved that bug, however, our question now is how to introduce images in the points locally. Which route should we introduce?

    Thanks and regards.

  28. Good morning Gustavo.

    Check that in the locale of your computer, that the separation of thousands is the comma and the decimal configuration is the point.

    If it still causes problems, write to the editor, sending your file with the information you entered.
    (Editor at geofumadas com)

    Greetings to Oviedo

  29. Good morning,

    I have made the purchase of the Excel template, when generating the KML file, it is generated but the coordinates in Google Earth do not appear on your site, it takes us each time to the same point (North Pole).
    We are in the north of Spain and our idea is to use the template to locate the points taken and their respective photos.

    A greeting.

  30. Sometimes it goes to the spam folder,

    Check, and if you have problems, write to the email that comes with the transaction.

  31. Dear, I made the purchase with Paypal, but I still do not get the mail with the download link. How long is the wait time?

  32. We have sent you the link by mail. However, you always have to see junk mail, sometimes you go there.

  33. Hello,
    I have already made the payment through Paypal, but I have not gotten to the mail any link to download the template. I have checked spam and it does not appear either. How long does the mail take?
    Thank you.

  34. We have already refunded the template you purchased twice. If you have more inconveniences, let us know.


  35. We have answered by mail. Sometimes it goes to spam, but we've resubmitted the link. If you have problems, let us know.

  36. And to complete the identifications of the transactions made through PayPal are:
    89913009CK146464D y 4EA41369WT0868807.
    Please wait for a prompt reply.
    For now thank you

  37. Geofumadas.com gentlemen, I have paid through PayPal the product "EXCEL TO GOOGLE EARTH FROM UTM COORDINATES" and at the time of downloading the program sends me back to PayPal, and that by mistake again the $ 4.99 USD has been charged.
    I do not think that to get this blessed product I have to pay almost $ 10.00 USD.
    Tell me what to do to download the program or how much I have to wait if they would send me to my personal mail; What to do to recover the extra payment I made to his name.

  38. Buy the template and I did not get to the mail, as I do to send me the same, Thank you.

  39. Check your Spam email.
    Sometimes he goes there. If you have any problems, reply to the email that is indicated on the payment confirmation.

  40. I already made the payment and I did not get the file.


  41. Hi Luis.
    Change the path where the file will be saved.
    Preferably, it is not on disk C, but on disk D, because sometimes writing is not available in C

  42. Good afternoon.

    I had a problem with the hard drive of the PC and I had to change it. I wanted to use the form to pass UTM to Google Earth and it gives me the following message

    76 Run-Time Error Has Occurred

    The path was not found.

    Could you help me please.

    Thank you

  43. Hello José Luis
    This template is made to enter UTM data. You could add features to be decimal degrees or degrees / minutes / seconds.
    Yes, images can be added.
    Modifying the icon type ... is not in the functionality of the current template.

    Customize a template under the conditions you expect ... costs US $ 50.

  44. Hello G! At times you helped me upload my files to google earth, I'm interested in this excel template and I'm willing to pay the requested amount, but I want to clarify some questions:
    1-Can be modified to use degrees, minutes and seconds or decimal degrees.
    2-I can change the icon type by coordinate.
    3 - I can at some point add images.
    What would it cost if these modifications were made?

    Thanks for your contributions ,,,,,,

  45. I would like to get this template, it is sold or where I can get it

  46. Hello

    Can you tell me where the download link is, I can not locate it in the article


  47. How do I download the template so I can test it?

  48. Very good tool to facilitate the work of the office, greetings

  49. Seems an interesting application, it will have to be tried

  50. hello good night my problem is that I first came out when I give in creating kml "75 execution failed" and then I did what they said I get "76 execution error" I can do

  51. In particular I translate them to latitude 32400.000000 and length -1.000000 ° Using the same coordinates in conversion calculators, however, I check that my originals are fine, since I edit the point in google earth, I put the coordinates of the calculator, and I put it well. Thank you very much.

  52. Whatever I do (I have set everything so that decimals go with period and thousands with commas) it always takes me to the equator. The length I think I do it well, but the latitude is 0. Specifically I put this UTM ED50 data that are not wgs84 belonging to the North of Spain (Navarra), and systematically I finish in the Gulf of Guinea.
    Pagomotzeta 567,825.00 475,170.00 30 N

  53. My pay pal account was linked to another email account and I would appreciate it if you sent it to this email address from which I send the message. Thank you very much

  54. Most likely, you're having trouble with the thousands symbol.
    Try entering those rounded UTM coordinates, without periods or commas to see if this is the problem.
    Then you go to the regional settings of your machine and make the change. You are required to use the comma as a thousands separator and list separator; The point as a decimal separator.

  55. Good,
    I have created the file but when viewing it in earth it sends me to the N pole. I tell you: the UTM coordinates that I use were transformed from coordinates in latitude and longitude, but using the ED50 datum instead of the WGS84. Do I have to pass them before in the UTM format used in Excel? Anyway, I assumed that even if they did not match, the gap would not be very high, because if I compare some coordinates of those I use with ED50 with them in WGS84 (they are from Spain), the offset is a few meters, but on the map I think you can't see anything, not even the labels in the "labels" column. Any idea where I am wrong? the steps and decimal format appear correct (the zone is the 29 no?).
    Thank you. Regards!

  56. I wrote for converting from geographic to UTM, but I have a problem that the file to generate the file to go to Google does generate the file but all the points remain with 180grades coordinates 0minutes 0.00Second North and with Latitude 74 degrees 0 Minutes and 0.00 seconds West also does not show the point on the map. I appreciate if you can help me. Gloria Domínguez.

  57. Please confirm me why I did not get the template to download to google earth files, the pass geographic coordinates to UTM if it arrived. Thank you. GEDL

  58. Thanks for answering, I did what I was told. The problem continued, however, then I changed the name assigned to the kml file for export and improved the thing. From the support of a friend I changed from «\ SIMV \ MAPAS.000.000.000.kml» to «\ SIMV \ MAPS \ test.kml». Now it does not send it to the folder assigned for export but finally the file is generated, it is in the same folder where the spreadsheet is in excel.
    I hope you can identify the bug, I had worked well on windows but now I'm working on Mac and there are, if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks again.

  59. Try to use a name and an easy route, for example:

    c: maps.kml

    Make sure you have the right to write to that directory, trying to create a file there from the mac browser.

  60. I am trying to use it on a Mac, it tells me when I generate it: "Error '52' at runtime, incorrect file name or file number has occurred."
    It gives me four options, the first one off, I can only really opt for any of the last three:
    1. Continue 2. Finish 3.Depuration 4.Help
    I choose to Debug and a window appears that says:

    Sub generateKML ()
    'GenerateKML Macro
    'Edited Macro for Geofumadas

    End If

    End Sub

  61. You must convert it to kml format
    You can do this with gvSIG or any other GIS program

  62. I need to upload a dwg to google earth, as I do, the drawing is the axis of a path in utm coordinates

  63. Can be:

    C: / maps /

    The most practical is that from the Internet browser, look for the address to see the route, because if you have the name of a route with a blank space such as: «my documents», you must write it as it appears in the URL of the browser.

  64. Hello can you help me I get "75 runtime error" give me examples of "routes" for the creation of the kml file by. example of my documents or in downloads or on the desktop. Thank you.

  65. Check the SPAM mail, sometimes there is sneak the message that comes to you with the link for direct download.
    Either way we have forwarded it directly to your email.


  66. I have made payment by paypal but the file has not been downloaded, if they need the id. Of the transaction is sent.

  67. The only way we have, is using PayPal or debit / credit card associated with PayPal.

  68. Estimados:

    I urgently require the purchase of the Excel application to Google Eaarth, but I only have a debit card.
    What should I do, if they have any contact in Peru, to make a bank transfer.

    Please, I need the application with URGENCY.


    José Rivera - Lima, PERU.

  69. Send me the address of the photo you are using to test it and see what happens.

    Sometimes it is a question that the route is poorly constructed. One way to see how that path is to open the image file from the browser, right-clicking the image and choosing to open with ... and choose the browser; So you look the route up.

  70. I tried to add the photo from a local route but it does not work, when I enter the sentence as indicas, the photo is added separately and not as part of the dot element. Also when I try to display the image only the frame leaves but not the photo.

  71. Hello Editor, I need to talk to you about a template that you sold me, can you answer me in the chat?

  72. Well, in practice the ideal is to open it with a GIS program and export it to kml.

    If it is not inconvenient, send it to my mail and I'll tell you if I can help you, because I'm busy looking at the way the tables are.


  73. Where I can get help from the auditor ... in vdd I urge your help, no matter if it has a cost the vdd, thanks.

  74. Sorry they are in excel format, the most 600 points I have are in excel.

  75. Point of interest: Aceros actspan
    Latitude: 20.654443 longitude: -103.377499
    Vertices: (20.662213, -103.372706) (20.662213, -103.382293) (20.654444, -103.387087) (20.646674, -103.382293) (20.646674, -103.372706)
    This is what I want to convert in Google Earth earth points of interest, the thing is that there are more 600 points of interest that I need to empty in kml format? I do not know if you explain ...

  76. Hello ... sorry I need to convert a complete file of points of interest cn their coordinates to a kml format to see it in google earth ... someone can guide me, thanks.

  77. I checked again and is certainly right, in the regional settings the point should be decimal separator, the thousands separator comma and the comma separator lists.
    Okay, thanks for the input!

  78. Apparently there is a contradiction between the units of Excel and the units to which it is being sent.

    You can see that in control panel, regional settings. Check that the point is a decimal separator and the thousands separator comma and the comma is also a list separator.

  79. I wrote them as they told me:
    792713.85 in the X coordinate
    1127836.33 in the Y coordinate
    And there's a window that says:
    “The error '13' has occurred at runtime.
    Finalize, debug or help.
    The types do not match »
    What I can do?

  80. It is the format of points.

    You should write the data in the form:

    792713.85 in the X coordinate
    1127836.33 in the Y coordinate

    Try it. Because the template is to consider the commas to separate the thousands and the points to separate the decimals; You must use it as well.

  81. These are my coordinates,
    VD-0 792.713,85 1.127.836,33 19 N
    VD-1 792.680,07 1.127.822,15 19 N
    VD-2 792.528,78 1.127.833,33 19 N
    VD-3 792.301,83 1.127.895,05 19 N
    VD-4 792.191,63 1.127.895,05 19 N
    And when I do the procedure, send me to Indonesia and these coordinates are from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, any suggestions?

  82. Thank you very much,

    All my questions have been answered .. !!

  83. Clear the error:

    Run-time error '75':
    Path / File Access error

    Was because I have restricted access to drive C: changing the route generates it without any problem. I'll try to make the one that generates the polygon.

  84. You are entering them backwards, see that your order is North, East (Lat, Long)
    While in the template it is in the order East North (Long, Lat).

    You must remove the commas, so they are entered as numbers.

    I did tests and in effect falls in your area, try again and let me know.

    I guess I'll have to do an update so that the order of the coordinates is lat, long which is usually the most common use.

  85. Here I leave you some coordinates taken in the field in the Dominican Republic with the following parameters:

    North East
    2,099,499.093 509,926.812
    2,099,453.102 509,943.188
    2,099,423.255 509,948.407
    2,099,378.479 509,940.967

    When I tried to raise them they fell in South America.

    Thanks in advance..!!

  86. I suggest that you review the following:

    Remember that Google Earth orthophotos are displaced, with different variations. So when generating coordinates that you know, with the template, verify that coordinate shows Google Earth, to see if it matches what you have exported from the template with Datum WGS84.

    What is important to validate is if the coordinate matches, otherwise it has a calculation error.

    If the coordinate matches, but is offset from the photo, it could be that the error is from the image. Anyway I suggest that they report the errors they find, since the template I have generated for free use but requires feedback with feedback.

    The next step would be to generate the polygon, and we will see in another article.

  87. It gives the impression that you have no right to write to the directory C:
    Try a route within my user's documents.

  88. Are you sure you are using WGS84?
    Check, I do not know if the system in your country has some false this.

    How much is the displacement?

  89. Geo-matic.

    Smoked, because to write on these subjects you have to smoke a cigar of marijuana ... Jeje.

  90. Thanks for the contribution .. EXCELLENT .. !!

    (Why Geofumadas ??)

  91. I was carrying out the process of uploading photos from a local directory and I could not finish it in a satisfactory way, if you could abound more on how to do it this way since it did work by uploading photos from a web directory.

    I also entered coordinates in Zone 19N and the data fell me completely displaced.

    Thank you Mil .. !!

  92. Good evening Gabriel,

    In my list of UTM coordinates, with the 19 zone, of the Northern Hemisphere, specifically in the Dominican Republic, it falls displaced both in the zone and in those coordinates. I repeated the process on several occasions, different data and the result was the same. Thanks in advance for attending to my concern.


    Wander Santana

  93. I'll think about it, I think it would be the 2 version of this template, just like we did the one that sends points and points to AutoCAD

  94. I get the error:
    Run-time error '75':
    Path / File Access error

    Is it because we must first generate a blank file?
    I will try to understand the operation of the macros, because it seems to me that from this, it will be relatively easier to generate a polygon with the entered vertices. Best regards …

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