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Should we replace the word "Geomatics"?

Taking into account the results of a recent survey, carried out by the Board of the Geomatics Professional Group (GPGB) of the RICS, Brian Coutts follows the evolution of the word "Geomatics" and argues that the time has come to consider a change. This word has returned to show its "ugly" head. The […]

Are we really immersed in an "innovative" process when it comes to 3D Spatial?

"The push of a button has the potential to open another dimension," he writes, almost at the end of his article, Muthukumar Kumar, referring specifically to the creation of 3D environments, their usefulness, importance and future. Let us note that in order to speak of the future, in a way that distances us from mere chatter, it is required that this word [...]

Geospatial technology, its role and importance within the IT structure in the Departments of Transportation.

Geospatial technology. Conceived as all the technology used to acquire, manage, analyze, visualize and disseminate both data and information related to the location of an object, it has transcended its initial conception of a triad composed essentially of GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing (RS in English) incorporating those emerging technologies that use a component [...]

GIS-oriented employability. Fiction versus reality

After reading an article that begins by asking what the GIS employers are really looking for, I wondered to what extent these conclusions can be extrapolated to our countries of origin whose realities may be similar or different (perhaps very different) to yours. The 'raw material' used for the study were all the offers [...]

The many possibilities of applying the Web GIS at present

The topic to comment today is the Web GIS. For the 'uninitiated', it could simply be translated as 'GIS on the Web', but what does this really mean? What are their scope? Why 'has many possibilities of application' as stated in the title of this post? There are five reasons given by Eric van Rees in [...]

Simple GIS Software: GIS client for $ 25 and Web Server for $ 100

Today we live in interesting scenes, in which free and private software coexist contributing to the industry in increasingly competitive conditions of competitiveness. Perhaps the geospatial issue is one of the fields where open source solutions are as robust as non-free license solutions; Nevertheless, […]

QGIS, PostGIS, LADM - in the Course of Land Administration developed by IGAC

In the convergence of different initiatives, aspirations and challenges that Colombia has to maintain its leadership in the Southern Cone in geospatial matters, between the 27 days of July and 4 of August, the Center for Research and Development of Geographical Information - CIAF of the Geographical Institute Agustín Codazzi will develop the Course: Application of the ISO 19152 [...]

ArcGIS - The Book of Images

This is an enriching document that is available in Spanish, with very valuable content, both historically and technically regarding the management of images in the disciplines associated with the earth sciences and geographic information systems. Most content has hyperlinks to pages where they are interactive content. He […]

Applied-Streetview Camera System

Applied Streetview Equipment and Systems are the product of years of experience with a customer segment. From its first client generating georeferenced cartography in Bogota, Colombia, they have expanded their clientele to all the continents of the planet, contributing in a great variety of projects and industries. The applications of their equipment are as broad as we can imagine, considering that little to [...]

The SINAP National System of Property Administration

The National System of Property Administration (SINAP) is a technological platform that integrates all the information related to the physical and normative resource of the nation, where the different public, private and individual actors register all the transactions associated with the assets of Property, necessary for the constitution and dynamization of a market [...]