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Equipment and applications for surveying and cadastre

TopView - Application for surveying and surveying

Every day we see that our needs are changing and that for different reasons we are forced to acquire different PC Software, GPS, and Total Stations, each with a different program, with the need of learning for each system, and in which we have data incompatibility, it is often impossible to pass the

Geospatial technology, its role and importance within the IT structure in the Departments of Transportation.

Geospatial technology Conceived as all the technology used to acquire, manage, analyze, visualize and disseminate both the data and the information referring to the location of an object, it has transcended its initial conception of triad composed essentially of GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing (RS in English) incorporating those emerging technologies that use a component

The steps to generate a map using drones

The generation of a map using this technique can become a big problem, one of those problems is so critical with the consequences of losing valuable months of useful work when you do not have previous experience in this task. The founders of Aerotas Mapping System speak to us in a POB article

Intrinsic georeference

When we read the different theories that support the communication that cartography entails, both as a science to represent geographical phenomena, and as an art to give this information the necessary aesthetics, we realize that the moment in which we live includes multiple actions in everyday life where we use georeference as an action

Product Comparison Section

Geo-matching concentrates all the product review value of GIM International and Hydro International in one place. is an independent website for comparing products for hardware and software professionals in the field of geomatics, hydrography and related disciplines. We want to lead our visitors through the labyrinth of

Get sub-metric accuracy from an iPad / iPhone

The GPS receiver of an iOS device, such as iPad or iPhone, gets precisions in the order of any other browser: between 2 and 3 meters. Apart from GIS Kit, few other possibilities we had seen to improve its accuracy, however thanks to the consultation of a friend, we find it interesting to take a look at this

Supergeo joins GPS PL to offer turnkey solutions for iOS

SuperGeo Technologies, announced an interesting collaboration with GPS PL, work model that attracts attention and that every day is being promoted by companies that instead of competing for markets, make synergies in search of a better experience for users. The two companies offer GIS solutions for mobile devices, for their

5 Recommendations for the safety of a surveying equipment

It was difficult to convince the bosses at the time; that the equipment to be purchased should be insured against theft, damage and accidents. It is understandable in the first instance, with questions such as: If the team will donate it later to the municipality, why do not they better pay for the insurance? Against thefts? Does not this give you possibilities

Comparison of GPS - Leica, Magellan, Trimble and Topcon

Comparative gps

It is common, when making the purchase of a topography equipment, it is necessary to make a comparison of GPS, total stations, software, etc. is designed just for that. Geo-matching is a site of Geomares, the same company that publishes the GIM International magazine. If we remember, a great priority of this magazine is in