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13 Historical photos of human entrepreneurship

The 2015 year has ended. To celebrate, we bring you a few historical photographs that remind us that time has not passed. The LZ 129 Hindenburg, Zeppelin-type airship, destroyed by a fire when the 6 1937 in 36 landed in New Jersey. The accident caused the death of XNUMX

Inspiration - Trends in GIS technologies - ESRI UC first day

At 2005 it was the first time I attended the ESRI User Conference, always in the same place: The San Diego Convention Center, with large banners hanging from the arches of the long corridor of transparent glass. Clashing with Arabs with sticky beards and white, dark coats from the African continent with smiles

UPSOCL - A place to be inspired

Its interface is simple, without sidebars, without ads, just a search form and an almost invisible menu with five categories. It is the site of Spanish-speaking origin UPSOCL, dedicated to sharing things that are important for the world. Things that inspire, things that intrigue, and things that should be seen. his

5 Recommendations for the safety of a surveying equipment

It was difficult to convince the bosses at the time; that the equipment to be purchased should be insured against theft, damage and accidents. It is understandable in the first instance, with questions such as: If the team will donate it later to the municipality, why do not they better pay for the insurance? Against thefts? Does not this give you possibilities

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Just when the nostalgia of changing context begins to scratch ... I share one of the best farewells I've seen from one of my mentors. Since I did not want to include you in the general and institutional farewell mail (you are something else) I commented that: Being the 09: 30 of the 28 day of June of the

Can I use Google Earth images for the cadastre?

After a moment of good humor with a Dutch friend today, I rescue some similarity between the process that leads cancer in clinical psychology and the romance of Google Earth with the wrong ends: Stage 1: Scare. A technician goes to the field in response to a request for an owner's measurement

4 important moments in the history of Geofumadas

- We should have a blog ... My boss (HM) said, with his gaze disconnected from this world. I felt sorry for not knowing the word that a man of 73 years had mentioned before my stubborn complaint of why I disconnected the Internet to the municipalities that were doing cadastral maintenance. More than he said with


Recycled from my solitary nights in Guatemala, just now that I'm about to leave for there I leave something for you to entertain. I know, it does not fill the obsession with technology ... but it exists. She was a sweet girl with black eyes and straight hair to the shoulders, of the privileged relatives of employees of the boarding school