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Bentley Systems expands design and documentation offers on concrete buildings through the acquisition of S-Cube Futuretech

New advanced capabilities in structural concrete analysis, design and documentation solutions Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced the acquisition of Mumbai-based concrete construction documentation and design software from S-Cube Futuretech Pvt. Ltd. The addition of S-Cube applications Futuretech expands Bentley's specific offerings with

Progress of the BIM - Annual Conference Summary

The progress of the standardization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been the cross-cutting theme of the Annual Infrastructure Conference, held in October in Singapore. Even though my Twitter account was practically hijacked with the hashtag #YII2017 in those days, here is a summary. The trip This time I

Webinar: 5 Things You Can Do Better With CAD Software

Imagine that you have a flat 45 game, with boxes or modules in Layout that carry information associated with a table in Microsoft Office, such as sheet number, who approved, approval date, etc. And you need to apply a change to all those planes without having to open one by one, just by changing the data in

How to compare changes to a CAD file

A very frequent need is to be able to know the changes that have happened to a map or map, in comparison as it was before being edited or as a function of time, in CAD files such as DXF, DGN and DWG. The DGN file is the native and proprietary format of Microstation. Contrary to what happens with a

Break the password of a VBA macro from Microstation

Visual Basic for Applications is a series of libraries that Microsoft made available, somewhat old but very powerful especially in versions of Office before 2010. While it continues to exist, many developments are now made in .NET and other environments; even so, for developments based on marcros, VBA is a

Bentley Systems Announces Finalists for Be Inspired 2016

As an acknowledgment to the projects that have innovated in the use of technologies applied to design, construction and infrastructures, in October the 2016 award will be held in London, known as Be Inspired, which has been held since 2004, called that year. BeAwards time. The winners will be chosen by a jury