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Best QGIS Courses in Spanish

Taking a QGIS course is surely at the goal of many for this year. From open source programs, QGIS has become the most demanded solution, both by private companies and government organizations. So, even if you master ArcGIS or another tool, include it in your

Python: the language that geomatics should prioritize

Last year I witnessed how my friend "Filiblu" had to put aside his Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming with which he felt quite comfortable, and roll up his sleeves learning Python from scratch, to develop a plugin adaptation "SIT Municipal" on QGIS. It is an application that has been running

ArcGIS - The Book of Images

This is an enriching document that is available in Spanish, with very valuable content, both historically and technically regarding the management of images in the disciplines associated with earth sciences and geographic information systems. Most content has hyperlinks to pages where interactive content is. He

Implementation of LADM using INTERLIS - Colombia

The third week of June, 2016 taught the INTERLIS Course, seen as a language and instrumentation to facilitate the implementation of the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) in the Colombian land administration environment. The course was developed in two stages, one at a basic / theoretical level with a large group

Online MSc in Geographic Information Systems

Master sig online

Definitely, this is one of the best online masters alternatives applied to the geospatial area, and especially served in Spanish. The MSc (GIS) Postgraduate Program -Master of Science (Geographical Information Science & Systems), offered and certified by the Universität Salzburg, Austria, through its Department of Geoinformatics - Z_GIS, is developed in

Master's in Design and Urban Planning [UJCV]

This is one of the most interesting master's degrees in the Central American region, considering the importance it has for local governments and the irreversible urgency charged by the disciplines implicit in the management of the territory under a human development approach. It comes at an interesting moment, when the José Cecilio del Valle University renews its

5 Online courses for Cadastre - very interesting

It is with great satisfaction that we announce that the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy carries out various education activities in Latin America, including free online distance courses. On this occasion he announces the new promotion of courses that will be offered from 2 to the 18 of November of 2015. The links listed below lead to the sites

Development in Free Software as engine of change

Almost everything is ready for the 7as gvSIG Latin America and Caribbean seminars, which will be held in Mexico. We believe that the gradual addition of public institutions, which have been controlled by proprietary software, has been a process in most of the situations initiated since the implementation of international financing projects.

25,000 maps worldwide available for download

The Collection of Maps of the Library Perry-Castañeda is an impressive compilation that contains more than 250,000 maps that have been scanned and made available online. Most of these maps are public domain and, for now, they are available near 25,000. As an example, we show some of the maps available in the