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The SINAP National System of Property Administration

The National System of Property Administration (SINAP) is a technological platform that integrates all the information related to the physical and normative resource of the nation, where the different public, private and individual actors register all the transactions associated with the assets of Property, necessary for the constitution and dynamization of a market [...]

Recommendations when implementing LADM

In several of the projects I have participated in, I have seen that the confusion caused by the LADM is not necessarily associated with understanding it as an ISO standard, but rather in isolating its conceptual scope from its technological mechanization scenario. In other words, how to implement it. It should be clear that the LADM does not [...]

Domain Model of Land Administration - Case of Colombia

Land administration is now one of the major challenges facing countries. It is not a new aspiration, because its function is more than explicit in the main articles of the constitution and the different laws that govern the relation of the settlers with the public and private resources of the nation. Without […]

Master's in Design and Urban Planning [UJCV]

This is one of the most interesting master's degrees in the Central American region, considering the importance it has for local governments and the irreversible urgency of the disciplines implicit in the management of the territory under a human development approach. It arrives in an interesting moment, when the University José Cecilio del Valle renews its [...]

20 Steps to build a city from scratch

This is a collector's item for lovers of Urban Development and Territorial Ordering, which, beyond smoking in smart cities that looks like a cliché pointing to the taste of complicating things, poses in 20 simplified steps, the challenge for which they are betting Countries like Egypt and Equatorial Guinea in the [...]

Territorial Ordering Explained

Territorial Planning is a tool for the sustainable use of natural resources. For many years the Peruvian territory has been occupying itself under the logic of making the most of natural resources, causing in some cases negative impacts on the ecosystems and the country's productive base,
Methodology lgaf territorial ordering

Land Governance: the LGAF methodology

It is known as LGAF, to the methodology that in Spanish is known as Framework of Evaluation of the Governance of the Earth. This is an instrument with which the diagnosis of a country's legal status is made, in terms of legislation and practices related to public policy specifically with the tenure and [...]

Course of Global Mapper and 3 more than Civile offers

Civile is a company that offers various consulting and training services in alliance with other organizations in the sector, in subjects such as development of engineering projects, territorial planning and environment. In this case we make excel at least 4 courses that are about to start, all to be realized in Seville: FLOW MODEL, MODFLOW This [...]

The Master's Degree in Spatial Planning of the UNAH

The Masters in Land Management and Management offered by the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), is an academic program that since its creation in the year 2005, has been developed jointly with the Department of Geography of the University of Alcalá (Spain) . For a consultation that came to us a few days ago, we took [...]