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Google Maps improves its performance

Google has released a new beta version of its map browser, with quite interesting tools. In this case, to activate it you have to execute the link New! to the right of the lab test symbol, and activate the options. The warning is clear, they are just tests that are being done, so

How much software is worth in this blog?

For more than two years I have been writing about crazy topics about technologies, generally about software and its applications. Today I want to take this opportunity to make an analysis of what it means to talk about software, with the hope of forming an opinion, highlighting virtues and how they respond to economic income and words generating traffic in

Virtual Earth, image update April 2009

Virtual Earth is updating at a much faster pace than Google Earth, just March rose 21 TB and in April they have uploaded another large amount of data that many of them are from our Hispanic environment. At this rate it could reach him soon, because that is one of

Connect Manifold with Open Street Map

A while ago I was telling you that Manifold can connect to Google, Yahoo and Virtual Earth. Now the connector has come out to link to Open Street Maps (OSM), which incidentally has been developed in C # by a forum user named Jkelly. The news appeared this week at the Manifold forum, where

Virtual Earth updates 21 TB of images

This is how big is the amount of data that Virtual Earth has uploaded in these days of March, and the countries of the Hispanic environment have not been left out; Mexico and Brazil have been the biggest beneficiaries. The names are in English, as advertised in Virtual Earth. Central and South America

Geomatics, other news

Apart from the magazine that a few days ago was published by Geoinformatics, there are some other topics published this month on your portal that are worth sharing. While some of these ads look like they are sponsored, they contribute something to the advance that technology is having and that sets the tone for what

Virtual Earth updates images from Spain

The last time we had a lot of Spanish-speaking cities that were updated by VirtualEarth, in this case in October has announced another massive update, which certainly add the ridiculous amount of 41.07 Terabits But this time only Spain takes the prize. The cities are: Barcelona Malaga Manresa Mijas Oviedo Sagunto

Connect Virtual Earth with ArcGIS 9.3

If Microsoft wants to seriously enter the geospatial world and gain ground, Google should partner with specialized software companies and make it "more professional". This is what happened in the case of the launch of TrueSpace to ridicule Sketchup !, now with the agreement with ESRI, it seeks to reach users of

Microsoft Launches TrueSpace

I hope a good excuse for the curse that could be offensive in some countries, but shit is the waste that Microsoft is doing with a powerful tool that acquired 5 months ago to Caligari. And why does it seem that Microsoft shits in TrueSpace? Well, because it suggests a simple intention to compete against the

MapBuilder surrenders ... another

It is painful to see interesting projects tear their clothes and accept that they retire ... just a few days ago we mentioned the weakness of the projects not associated with an aggressive marketing plan that gives sustainability. It is not exactly the case of MapBuilder, a project that was born in December of 2003, with good results