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AutoCAD 2012

What has been the best version of AutoCAD?

We often see the question there, about which version is better or why we defend it; Then when a new one arrives it is usually said that it is only makeup. Finally, as a starting point we did the consultation on Facebook, where Geofumadas has 18,000 followers, and see what there was to answer: AutoCAD 2012 excels, we understand by [...]

Projected view and section cut with AutoCAD 2013

Among the most significant changes in recent versions of AutoCAD is working with 3D models. In forums with AutoCAD 3D category, it was requested that some features of Inventor be taken to the basic version and possibly this is due to the changes that AutoDesk applied from the 2010 versions,

Linux has a new native CAD tool

Unlike the Geospatial area where the Open Source applications surpass the privativas ones, very little free software we have seen for CAD besides the LibreCAD initiative that still has much to go. While Blender is a fairly robust tool, its focus is on animation and not CAD applied to engineering, [...]

Summary: What's new in AutoCAD 2013 compared to other versions

This table summarizes the new features that AutoCAD 2013 has in relation to the changes reported by AutoDesk in the latest versions (AutoCAD 2012, 2011 and 2010) These are the significant news that AutoDesk reports, some of them have been modified or improved in Other versions and also some had slight features [...]

5 What's New in AutoCAD 2013

Some of the news that we have seen in the beta version of AutoCAD 2013 called for this version Jaws tells us what trends we would be seeing for April of the year 2012, when it will be officially launched; Although we barely digest the new AutoCAD 2012. From the entrance the news already known: A new format dwg 2013 !. The [...]

AutoCAD Course for Microstation Users

This week has been a very satisfactory day, I have been teaching an AutoCAD course for users of Microstation, as a continuity to the topography course we had given a few days ago using CivilCAD to generate the digital model and contours. The main reason why we have done so is because despite [...]

PlexEarth, What brings 2.5 version for images of Google Earth

I have been filtered the features that brings the new version of PlexEarth, which is expected to be announced in late October 2011. The main reason why this tool has had a significant acceptance is that it solves what the most popular CAD program (AutoCAD) can not do with the globe [...]

Video tutorials for AutoCAD, free for 7 days

This is an opportunity that no one should miss. Temporarily, until the end of September 2011 CADLEarning has offered an access voucher with which you can enter during 7 days to all available resources. CADLearning is one of the most outstanding companies authorized by AutoDesk to develop manuals and courses in [...]

A good AutoCAD 2013 course free

Who does not want a free AutoCAD course online ... In short there is nothing like taking a formal course with a good instructor to learn AutoCAD. But the option that I am going to show has left me somewhat surprised, considering that AutoCAD 2012 arrived not long ago. This is the course of AutoCAD 2012 promoted [...]

Geofumadas: 30 years of AutoCAD and Microstation

After nearly 30 years of these two programs, which by the way seem to be among the few surviving so long of evolutionary history, I have taken the time to consider the topic to show some of the most important milestones in the process, which Allow us to remember what has happened and [...]

Convert files to mass AutoCAD / Microstation

It is common to find ourselves in the need to transform large number of files in a massive way: We get a project 45 dwg files in AutoCAD 20112 format. We know that these files can be read in AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 but if the computer where they are to be visualized only has AutoCAD 2008 we need to convert them. We are [...]

What's New in AutoCAD 2012, Part One

Finally, and as announced for this date, AutoDesk has arranged all the information regarding the new features of AutoCAD 2012. Similarly, what implies for the other disciplines, with the exception of AutoCAD for Mac, which is still maintained in what we saw last year in 2011 version. From […]