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Geographic information systems videos

Geographic Information Systems: 30 educational videos

Intrinsic geolocation in almost everything we do, using electronic devices, has made the GIS issue more and more urgent to apply. 30 years ago, talking about a coordinate, a route or a map was a circumstantial matter. Used only by specialists in cartography or tourists who could not do without a [...]

5 minutes of confidence for GeoCivil

GeoCivil is an interesting blog oriented to the use of CAD / GIS tools in the area of ​​Civil Engineering. Its author, a countryman from El Salvador, is a good example of the orientation of traditional classroom classrooms to -casi- online learning communities; Without doubt a milestone that thanks to [...]

More AutoCAD Map, Civil 3D and Land Desktop tips

Recently Cadapult announced the publication of its new edition: Digging Deeper Into AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 416 pages organized in 7 chapters and a CD that includes the exercises developed in each section, under the leadership of Rick Ellis. In short a great acquisition for anyone wishing to learn Civil 3D well and increase [...]

More videos for Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map and Revit

... of the best, after AUGI MexCA went to maintenance ... Some time ago I did a review of AUGI in its tropical chapter, with a valuable amount of resources for users of AutoCAD Civil3D and Map technologies. Unfortunately the page went into maintenance more than a year ago, update that we have been waiting for [...]

CAD approaches GIS | GeoInformatics March 2011

This month has come the new edition of Geoinformatics, with fairly aggressive themes in CAD, GIS, remote sensing, data management; Aspects that can no longer be seen in isolation. In principle I present an analysis of one of the topics that interested me the most, in the end some summary of other topics of this [...]

Connect to Data, AutoCAD Map - Bentley Map

In this post I want to make a comparative the ways in which databases are accessed with the geospatial platforms of AutoDesk and Bentley. I have used it for: AutoDesk Civil 3D 2008 (Which includes AutoCAD Map) Bentley Map V8i AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 Bentley Map V8i Connect: File, connect to Data ... Login: Settings, database, connect [...]

Working shape files with AutoCAD

The shape files, known as .shp files will be quaternary formats in terms of technology but we can not prevent them from being popularized as much as ArcView 3x was. This is why they are still heavily used, to the extent that most platforms in geospatial platforms have developed routines to operate with them. [...]

Learn AutoCAD Civil 3D, valuable resources

Being a member of AUGI MexCCA has many advantages, one of them is the access to tools or tutorials to learn. In this case I present a summary of the best of the tutorials in the use of Civil 3D for roads, topography and geospatial. Some are videos, other pdf files. It is necessary to be registered to [...]

Toy to connect AutoCAD with ArcGIS

We Clarify Which AutoCAD We do not refer to AutoCAD Map or Civil3D, which connect to OGC services but to simple AutoCAD versions 2007 onwards, that is, since they have georeference functionality. Let's clarify which ArcGIS: Does not connect with a locally stored Geodatabase or mxd Nor with a service created via the traditional [...]

AutoCAD Map 3D supports Linux

Although AutoDesk has abandoned its Linux compatibility for some time, in recent years it has made efforts to come back, so it recently announced its compatibility in this release. The new Citrix XenApp Application Virtualization System easily enables AutoCAD Map 3D software customers to create, deploy and manage [...]

Tool Kits for AutoCAD Map 3D 2009

In November, the seminars of AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 with solutions for the Topography, Water, Sanitation and Electricity areas will be taking place in different cities of Spain. What to expect in Topography: The tools to create, visualize and analyze topographic models, as well as design and processes [...]