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AutoCAD exercises for topography using CivilCAD and Total Station

This is one of the best tutorials I've seen, especially for CivilCAD users who expect to do topography routines that with Civil3D would take many more steps and complexity. The document has been constructed and facilitated to the web by the Engineer Manuel Zamarripa Medina, to whom many will thank his good will of [...]

Generate cross-sections with CivilCAD

With this article we welcome the new face that has the official site of CivilCAD, great work of friends of ARQCOM on the eve of 15 meet years with more than 20,000 users in Latin America. In his new section "Tutorials" have been including interesting works with a logic step by step. [...]

Generate technical memory of plots with CivilCAD

Very few programs do this, at least with the simplicity that CivilCAD does. What we expect, in general, is a report of the plots, per block, with its box of paths and distances, adjoining and use. Let's see how to do it with CivilCAD, using AutoCAD but also works with Bricscad which is cheaper and [...]

UTM coordinate grid using CivilCAD

I recently told you about CivilCAD, an application that runs on AutoCAD and also on Bricscad; This time I want to show you how to generate the coordinate box, just like we saw it do with Microstation Geographics (Now Bentley Map). Usually these things the GIS programs have very practical, but at the CAD level it is still a can, [...]

Create alignments in CivilCAD

My previous article explained something about CivilCAD, a fairly practical application oriented as much to AutoCAD as Bricscad. Now I want to continue the exercise based always on our previous course of Topography with Total Station, working the alignment in a digital model. In the case of CivilCAD this is called project axis, although since [...]

AutoCAD Level Curves - From Total Station Data

How to generate contour lines already we have done with other programs. In this case, I want to do it with a program that in one training showed me one of my best technicians; Of which he had known but of which little interest had placed him in recent times. I will summarize the initial part because it makes a [...]

AutoCAD Course for Microstation Users

This week has been a very satisfactory day, I have been teaching an AutoCAD course for users of Microstation, as a continuity to the topography course we had given a few days ago using CivilCAD to generate the digital model and contours. The main reason why we have done so is because despite [...]