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Bentley Systems expands design and documentation offers on concrete buildings through the acquisition of S-Cube Futuretech

New advanced capabilities in structural concrete analysis, design and documentation solutions Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced the acquisition of Mumbai-based concrete construction documentation and design software from S-Cube Futuretech Pvt. Ltd. The addition of S-Cube applications Futuretech expands Bentley's specific offerings with

Progress of the BIM - Annual Conference Summary

The progress of the standardization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been the cross-cutting theme of the Annual Infrastructure Conference, held in October in Singapore. Even though my Twitter account was practically hijacked with the hashtag #YII2017 in those days, here is a summary. The trip This time I

AllPlan: 4 promising new features starting 2017

Allplan presents the BIM solution Allplan 2017-1: More time for the essentials - Numerous improvements for maximum ease of task management and 3D modeling. - Optimized data exchange via IFC4. - Wide selection of threaded joint systems Allplan presents new improvements and advances in its BIM Allplan 2017 solution for architects and

BIM - The world that would have dreamed 20 years ago

20 years later, I can only associate the BIM as the evolution that represented for that time leaving the drawing table and the tracing paper for the CAD files. That was an impressive evolution, considering that it came from being a cartoonist and notebook calculator + calculator + Lotus 123. It seemed awesome to me to believe

13 Historical photos of human entrepreneurship

The 2015 year has ended. To celebrate, we bring you a few historical photographs that remind us that time has not passed. The LZ 129 Hindenburg, Zeppelin-type airship, destroyed by a fire when the 6 1937 in 36 landed in New Jersey. The accident caused the death of XNUMX

Escape from the Chapo Guzmán, a work of high engineering

Those of us who have directed a work of topography for tunnels, we are aware of the complexity of this discipline, the fatality that represents a second of inaccuracy in 1,500 meters and all the security measures that must be taken. Between the prison of El Altiplano and the property where the building is located

Traditional topography vrs. LiDAR. Accuracy, time and costs.

Doing a job with LiDAR could be more accurate than with conventional topography? If it reduces times, in what percentage? How much does it reduce costs? Definitely times have changed. I remember when Felipe, a surveyor who was doing the field work, came with a 25 notebook pages of cross sections to generate with

Be Inspired 2014 finalists

The November 6 will be held in London, the annual award of the Be Inspired awards. This date will coincide with the conference on technologies applied to smart infrastructure management, which will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Here, those of us attending the Conference will be able to participate in 6 interesting forums, on Vision of the Future,