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Geographic information systems videos

Geographic Information Systems: 30 educational videos

Intrinsic geolocation in almost everything we do, using electronic devices, has made the GIS issue more and more urgent to apply. 30 years ago, talking about a coordinate, a route or a map was a circumstantial matter. Used only by specialists in cartography or tourists who could not do without a [...]

Is it worth learning Java?

Beyond OpenOffice, Vuze, Woopra, or the applets that are deployed in some web pages, is very positioned in systems for mobile, TV, GPS, ATMs, business programs and many of the pages that we navigate every day are running on Java . The following graph shows how Java technology has a domain marked [...]

What students think about Open Source Geospatial

This article is based on a presentation made at the FOSS4G in Barcelona in September of 2010 by: Iraklis Karampourniotis and Ioannis Paraschakis - from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Zoi Arvanitidou - from the University of the Aegean The link has happened to me Gabriel Reyes, and Is based on the question, if the [...]

118 themes from FOSS4G 2010

Of the best that can be left of these events, are the presentations in PDF that are very practical for reference in processes of formation or decision making; More in these times than the free-world geospatial world has matured surprisingly. It is a good example of human creativity, which recycles [...]

Geoinformatics 1: Remote sensing

Geoinformatics arrives in its first edition of 2010, with a marked emphasis on remote sensing. Although the year is young, it seems that the next editions will maintain this line, including in this occasion two of the greats of the non-free sector: ERDAS and ENVI. If things are as I imagine them, in the next [...]

UDig, first impression

We have already taken a look at other open source tools in the GIS area, including Qgis and gvSIG, apart from non-free programs we have tried before. In this case we will do it with User-Friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig), one of which comes in PortableGIS. From where arises uDig is a construction [...]

Geophysics: 2010 Predictions: GIS Software

A couple of days ago, in the heat of a stick coffee made by my mother-in-law, we made some hallucinations about the trends marked for 2010 in the Internet area. In the case of the geospatial environment, the situation is more static (not boring), much of this is already said in the medium term [...]

SEXTANTE, + 220 routines for gvSIG

Just as GRASS complements Quantum GIS, SEXTANTE does it with gvSIG, maintaining the specialty. They are the best of the collaborative efforts among open source alternatives in the geospatial environment, seeking to avoid duplication. The effort by gvSIG to remain in vector management with many CAD capabilities is [...]

GvSIG, which will be in the 5tas. journeys

It has already been announced a preliminary version of what could be in the fifth gvSIG days to be developed in the Valencia event center, from 2 to 4 December 2009. Much of the work to come is from Spain, although there are some experiences from Germany, Italy and there. They also call the [...]

GvSIG courses in Valencia

From the first quarter of 2010, the Florida University Training Center will be serving gvSIG courses, which to date has been given as a complement to the Diploma of Specialist in Interior Tourism. The duration of 20 hours for two weeks, is aimed at professionals, technicians and officials who wish to enter the [...]

Portable GIS, everything from a USB

It has been released the 2 version of Portable GIS, a simply wonderful application to execute from an external disk, a USB memory and even a digital camera the necessary programs for the handling of spatial information both at the desktop and web level. How much it weighs The installer file weighs 467 MB, but it requires the [...]

GvSIG: Profits from this and other trades

The way the free tools have matured is interesting, some years ago, to speak of free GIS, sounded like UNIX, in the voice of Geek and in a level of distrust for fear of the unknown. All this has changed a lot with the diversity of solutions that have matured not only in the construction of [...]