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All News from QGIS

This is a review article of all the news that happened in QGIS. In this update up to the 2.18 version. QGIS is today one of the greatest experiences of open source tools, with the potential to compete with privative software in a sustainable way. [nextpage title = "QGIS 2.18 Las Palmas"] News

Welcome to the exponential era

In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold the 85% of all the paper photos of the world .. In very few years, their business model disappeared leading to bankruptcy. What happened to Kodak will happen to many industries in the next 10 years - and many people do not realize it.

Progress of the BIM - Annual Conference Summary

The progress of the standardization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been the cross-cutting theme of the Annual Infrastructure Conference, held in October in Singapore. Even though my Twitter account was practically hijacked with the hashtag #YII2017 in those days, here is a summary. The trip This time I

Geospatial technology, its role and importance within the IT structure in the Departments of Transportation.

Geospatial technology Conceived as all the technology used to acquire, manage, analyze, visualize and disseminate both the data and the information referring to the location of an object, it has transcended its initial conception of triad composed essentially of GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing (RS in English) incorporating those emerging technologies that use a component

3 of the 27 changes of QGIS 2.18

When we are about to end the life of QGIS in 2.x versions, waiting for what will be QGIS 3.0, this page shows us what QGIS 2.18.11 includes 'Las Palmas' that was made official in the month of July of this year. QGIS currently has an interesting uptick in terms of new sponsors, formal companies that

I have LiDAR data - and now what?

In a very interesting article published recently by David Mckittrick, where he talks about the implications of adequate knowledge of the techniques associated with working with LiDAR in GIS and making reference to Global Mapper as a support tool in the processing of the obtained data. After reading the article I got off

Applied-Streetview Camera System

Applied Streetview Equipment and Systems are the product of years of experience with a customer segment. From its first client generating georeferenced cartography in Bogotá, Colombia, they have expanded their clientele to all the continents of the planet, contributing in a great variety of projects and industries. The applications of their equipment are as broad as we can imagine, considering that little to