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Alternatives to using QGIS on Android & iOS mobile

QGIS has positioned itself as the fastest growing free code tool and sustainability strategy for geospatial use. We are pleased to know that QGIS versions are already available for mobile devices. The exponential use of mobile applications makes desktop tools choose to develop versions for use in phones or tablets. He […]

Get sub-metric accuracy from an iPad / iPhone

The GPS receiver of an iOS device, such as iPad or iPhone gets precisions in the order of any other browser: between 2 and 3 meters. Apart from GIS Kit, few other possibilities we had seen to improve its accuracy, however thanks to the consultation of a friend, it seems interesting to give a look at this [...]

Supergeo joins GPS PL to offer turnkey solutions for iOS

SuperGeo Technologies, announced an interesting collaboration with GPS PL, a work model that calls attention and is being promoted by companies that instead of competing for markets, synergize in search of a better experience for users. The two companies offer GIS solutions for mobile devices, for their [...]

What to do if an iPad is stolen

Wow that theme may be obvious, but sooner or later you need to know what to do when you steal an iPad. And although some aspects apply for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iMac, I want to take advantage of personalizing it in honor of what I once learned there: 1. Avoid as far as possible [...]

BlogPad - WordPress Editor for iPad

Finally I found an editor with which I am satisfied from the iPad. Despite being WordPress's dominant blogging platform, where there are high quality templates and plugins, the difficulty of finding a good publisher has always been a problem. For desk I still can not find something. I tried BlogPress, WordPress for iOS, Blog Docs, [...]
Gis kit gis pro

GIS Pro The best GIS application for iPad?

Last week I was chatting with a Canadian friend who told me the experience they have had using GIS Pro in cadastral survey processes. We have almost reached the conclusion that while there are other tools, from what is in the App Store this is if not the best for iOS, the [...]
Bentley mobile

Bentley: Applications for mobile and users - in DGN-

The sustainability of the positioning that companies have been providing tools for Geo-engineering is in its innovation and adaptability to technological innovations. The positioning is very noticeable, in the way in which its corporate communication sells its specialty, although every day the gap between disciplines becomes more difficult to [...]

Vbookz, the best audio player for iPad / iPhone / iPod

The applications of reading aloud are changing the way we enjoy books, no doubt. In particular, I have always liked to relish the remarking and notes with a real book, stop and read slowly to rumear the good prose. But it never occurred to me that going on a trip could be [...]

The Great Year of Google Chrome

The case of Google Chrome is a surprising example of what was said 4 years ago: "The browser that aspires to be an operating system" I remember in 2008 September I wrote of how Google launched its own browser, when the expectation to dethrone the Internet Explorer would seem crazy to think now that the [...]

Sample GeoSpatial Training Worksheet

GeoSpatial Training is promoting its new edition of courses, so we take advantage to spread some of what their students have done and the list of new courses. Recent Student Advances From the Javascript master for ArcGIS Server, Javier Pampliega has created the application shown below from scratch. A good […]

MundoGEO Magazine now on tablets

MundoGEO, the most representative company of the geospatial field in the area of ​​Latin American communication has launched two applications so that the magazine MundoGEO can be seen from mobile devices, with both Apple iOS and Android. Just this year, this magazine merged the contents of InfoGEO and InfoGNSS magazines, additionally included [...]

The Global Positioning System as a science fair project

My son's scientific fair has returned, and after several deliberations with the teacher about project possibilities, finally they have approved one with which jumped almost a meter of joy ... I almost the two because it is a subject that we are passionate about both . Also because this project is original, we decided not [...]