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Development in Free Software as engine of change

Almost everything is ready for the 7as Latin American and Caribbean gvSIG Conference, to be held in Mexico. It seems to us valuable the gradual addition of public institutions, which have been controlled by private software per year, a process in most situations initiated since the implementation of international financing projects that [...]

3 Magazines and 5 experiences of the geomatic field

It is time to review some journals whose recent editions have come out; Here I leave at least interesting experiences that come out in the latest edition of these magazines. Geoinformatics 1. User experiences in the use of Open Source GIS Software. It is interesting to read this article, which shows us what [...]

Portable GIS Version 3, almost everything from a USB

The third version of Portable GIS has been announced, a tool we reviewed three years ago, just when 2 was released in July of 2009. By the way, I remember resorting to this in the days that the democratic crisis in Honduras forced us to work from our homes, and almost [...]

From i3Geo and 57 Brazilian Public Software tools

Today the news of the integration of efforts between i3Geo and gvSIG, a subject that seems to me an important decision of the gvSIG Foundation, although conscious that it is hardly visible result of a whole work that takes months of planning in the strategy of internationalization. Already other sites will speak and we will know a lot [...]

Geographica GIS Pills

Geographica's friends have told us something about the innovations they are including in their training processes, so we take the opportunity to promote their initiatives. Geographica is a company dedicated to several branches of the geomático spectrum, that has developed works with strategic clients that will guarantee the results. Apart from the letter G [...]

5 minutes of confidence for Matías Neiff's blog

GIS, scripting and Mac are a natural combination in a blog that I have decided to recommend, because I have given myself a lot of satisfaction to find. Read the reasons why this blog came there makes us understand why it was left with an old WordPress template, without a Home button and a little url [...]

118 themes from FOSS4G 2010

Of the best that can be left of these events, are the presentations in PDF that are very practical for reference in processes of formation or decision making; More in these times than the free-world geospatial world has matured surprisingly. It is a good example of human creativity, which recycles [...]

How Mapserver Works

The previous time we talked about some criteria why MapServer and the basics of the installation. Now let's see some of its performance in an exercise with the maps of the chiapanecos cuates. Where it is installed Once Apache is installed, the default MapServer publishing directory is the OSGeo4W folder directly on C: / Inside, there are [...]

Deciding by MapServer

Taking advantage of a recent conversation with a Cadastral institution that sought to publish its maps, here I summarize the most important to return the rescues of the subject to the community. Maybe in time it will serve someone who wants to make a decision or ask for help geofumada. Why MapServer The scenario was someone, who had [...]

Aulasca, many free GIS resources

The Virtual Classroom of the Cartographic Institute of Andalusia is a platform mounted on Moodle, with which you can take distance courses. Apart from the many information services available from the Ministry of Housing and Spatial Planning, I have learned of didactic material on the geospatial subject that has recently been [...]

…what month…

... gvSIG 1.9 stable ... we are about to start the assembly of the IDE on mapserver ... coup d'etat, restitution, another blow, elections, no one knows already ... my brother and the star biker marry ... there is almost the 3.0 version of geofumadas. Com ... the original phrase of the month: If you try to make a project that is minimally serious, I strongly recommend * [...]

Portable GIS, everything from a USB

It has been released the 2 version of Portable GIS, a simply wonderful application to execute from an external disk, a USB memory and even a digital camera the necessary programs for the handling of spatial information both at the desktop and web level. How much it weighs The installer file weighs 467 MB, but it requires the [...]