Sokkia Series 50 Total Station Manual

Some time ago a reader was searching for this manual, months later he has found it and he has sent it to me. Returning the favor, here I hang it so they can download it. This is the official operator's manual, Sokkia, in Spanish, which is used for the equipment: Series50RX SET250RX SET350RX SET550RX SET650RX Series50X SET250X SET350X [...]

Plex.Earth 3.0 Load WMS services from AutoCAD

I have arrived at Plex.Earth 3.0, which I have had time to test while defining the availability date in final version. Possibly in the month of November of 2012. It runs with AutoCAD 2013 Perhaps of the newest thing is that this version is made specifically for AutoCAD 2013, or any of its [...]

GeoConverter integrates into CONDOR

GeoConverter, the Geobide Geographic Data Converter, allows you to easily execute massive conversions of data. The normal working process of this application works sequentially, each input file is converted and does not follow the next until this individual task ends. This mode of execution glues all the work (N [...]

Posify, low-cost GPS centimetric accuracy

Recently this product was presented at the ESRI User Conference in Spain, just last week and this next will be in the TopCart of Madrid. It is a GPS positioning and measurement system that supports post-processing, with which centimeter precisions can be obtained. Nothing that other [...]

The georeferencing of rural properties

This is the name of the event, which can be viewed face-to-face or distance the next 7 of November of 2012. We take advantage of this initiative, which is promoted by MundoGEO, on the geo-referencing and certification of rural properties. Participants will be able to update their knowledge of the legislation by knowing case studies and discussing [...]

Manifold GIS, something else with layouts

Some time ago I talked in an article how to create print presentations using Manifold GIS. At that time we did a fairly basic layout, in this case I want to show a more complex layout. This is the example of a map of agricultural productivity; As main map is the current use from an image [...]

November, 3 major events of the geospatial field

In the month of will be carrying out at least three events that are sure to take some of my agenda ... and my vacation. 1. SPAR Europe It will be in Holland, in The Hague almost on the same dates of the Be Inspired This event concentrates the innovators of the technologies 3D, especially of Europe where this [...]

Portable GIS Version 3, almost everything from a USB

The third version of Portable GIS has been announced, a tool we reviewed three years ago, just when 2 was released in July of 2009. By the way, I remember resorting to this in the days that the democratic crisis in Honduras forced us to work from our homes, and almost [...]

How to Create a Layout with Geomap

This type of things we have seen with other programs such as Manifold GIS and Microstation, let's see how to create a layout or exit map with Geomap. To create a layout, Geomap needs a map with which to link the elements to be represented. Once we have the map, it is activated in the toolbar [...]

Comparison table of almost 50 total stations

GeoInformatics has surprised us this month with an edition in showing 49 different total stations in a comparative table that can be useful for those who need to make a decision at the time of purchase as well as to track a model that has Has evolved into a couple of [...]

Free AutoCAD Course, Available for Download

Some time ago we published the version of this free AutoCAD Course, now the version for AutoCAD 2013 has been released, in which you can download the first section for free and additionally: Now you can buy it for download! Why is it a Free AutoCAD Course? It is called Free AutoCAD Course [...]

10 + 5 articles to remember + 1 magazine

After the bad taste left by football matches last night and the unveiled miles of commitments that the mortgage makes us assume, I leave 20 carefully selected items from two sites very frequented in this geospatial world. I wanted to put a cooler theme on it, but in the end I feel comfortable knowing [...]