5 Important things about Be Inspired 2012

Those who follow the @geofumadas account on Twitter will have noticed two full days devoted to the hashtag #BeIn2012. To update an excess of content concentrated in just three days, here is a summary of the 5 things that stand out from the Be Inspired: 1. The most interesting project of 57 finalist projects, has called me

What are Bentley and Trimble up to?

This is similar to my predictions of the day of the innocents, but it is not like that. A few hours ago a collaboration agreement was formally communicated, from which we listened to something behind the scenes, and which leaves us to think about what could be happening between the two companies Bentley Systems and Trimble Dimensions.

Plex.Earth 3.0 Load WMS services from AutoCAD

Plex.Earth 3.0, which I had the time to try while defining the availability date in the definitive version, has come to me. Possibly in the month of November of 2012. Run with AutoCAD 2013 Perhaps the most novel, is that this version is made specifically for AutoCAD 2013, or any of its

The georeferencing of rural properties

This is the name of the event, which can be seen in person or at a distance on the next November 7 of 2012. We take this opportunity to promote this initiative, which is promoted by MundoGEO, on the georeferencing and certification of rural properties. The participants will be able to update their knowledge about the legislation knowing about practical cases and discussing