The steps to generate a map using drones

Generating a map using this technique can be a big problem, one of those problems is so critical with the consequences of missing valuable months of useful work when you do not have previous experience in this task. The founders of Aerotas Mapping System speak to us in a POB article [...]

How to compare changes to a CAD file

A very frequent need is to be able to know the changes that have happened to a map or plane, in comparison as it was before being edited or as a function of time, in CAD files like DXF, DGN and DWG. The DGN file is the native and proprietary format of Microstation. Contrary to what happens with a [...]

ArcGIS - The Book of Images

This is an enriching document that is available in Spanish, with very valuable content, both historically and technically regarding the management of images in the disciplines associated with the earth sciences and geographic information systems. Most content has hyperlinks to pages where they are interactive content. He […]

Applied-Streetview Camera System

Applied Streetview Equipment and Systems are the product of years of experience with a customer segment. From its first client generating georeferenced cartography in Bogota, Colombia, they have expanded their clientele to all the continents of the planet, contributing in a great variety of projects and industries. The applications of their equipment are as broad as we can imagine, considering that little to [...]

The "Oscars of Infrastructure" awards will be in Singapore

Bentley Systems has announced the call for projects for the Be Inspired 2017 Awards to BIM's Infrastructure Advances. With a focus on advances in BIM standardization, Bentley Systems intends to position its call for the coming years in the Far East; Precisely this year in one of the cities whose modeling [...]

Decentralization of Registry-Cadastre services in the public sector

This is the abstract of an interesting exhibition that will happen at the Annual Conference on Land and Property, sponsored by the World Bank in the coming days of March 2017. Alvarez and Ortega will discuss the experience of deconcentrating Registry / Cadastre services on a Front-Back Office model, in this case Private Banking, according [...]

Bentley Systems - SIEMENS: a strategy thought in the Internet of things

Bentley Systems was born as a family business, at that time of the 80 years when technological innovation took advantage of those principles that underpin the American nation, where unlike other countries: watching, working hard and doing the right thing are almost guarantees of success. In countries in the Hispanic context, a high percentage of family businesses [...]

The SINAP National System of Property Administration

The National System of Property Administration (SINAP) is a technological platform that integrates all the information related to the physical and normative resource of the nation, where the different public, private and individual actors register all the transactions associated with the assets of Property, necessary for the constitution and dynamization of a market [...]

AllPlan: 4 promising new features starting 2017

Allplan introduces the BIM Allplan 2017-1 solution: More time for the basics - Numerous enhancements for maximum ease in task management and 3D modeling. - Optimized data exchange via IFC4. - Wide selection of threaded joint systems Allplan presents new improvements and advances in its BIM Allplan 2017 solution for architects and [...]

Break the password of a VBA macro from Microstation

Visual Basic for Applications is a series of bookstores that Microsoft made available, somewhat old but very powerful especially in versions of Office before 2010. While it continues to exist, many developments are now being done in .NET and other environments; Even so, for markers based on markers, VBA is a [...]