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Topography. Topographic maps

TopView - Application for surveying and surveying

Every day we see that our needs are changing and that for different reasons we are forced to acquire different PC Software, GPS, and Total Stations, each with a different program, with the need of learning for each system, and in which we have incompatibility of data being often impossible to pass the [...]

Draw coordinates in AutoCAD from an Excel CSV file

I have gone to the field, and I have raised a total of 11 points of a property, as shown in the drawing. 7 of those points, are boundaries of the vacant lot, and four are the corners of the house erected. When downloading the data, I have converted them into a file separated by commas, known as [...]

Progress of the BIM - Annual Conference Summary

The progress of the standardization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been the cross-cutting theme of the Annual Infrastructure Conference held in October in Singapore. Although my Twitter account was practically hijacked with the hashtag #YII2017 in those days, here I present a summary. The trip On this occasion I [...]

The steps to generate a map using drones

Generating a map using this technique can be a big problem, one of those problems is so critical with the consequences of missing valuable months of useful work when you do not have previous experience in this task. The founders of Aerotas Mapping System speak to us in a POB article [...]

Circular 1: Congress TOPCART 2016

The Illustrious Official College of Geomatics and Topographic Engineering announces the XI International Congress of Geomatics and Earth Sciences, to be held at the Toledo Congress Hall (El Greco), from 26 to 30 October 2016. This important event aims to publicize the scientific and technical advances [...]

Traditional topography vrs. LiDAR. Accuracy, time and costs.

Would doing a job with LiDAR be more accurate than with conventional topography? If it reduces time, in what percentage, how much does it reduce costs? Times have definitely changed. I remember when Felipe, a surveyor who did the fieldwork, came up with a 25 notebook with cross-sections to generate [...]
Exel a microstation

Draw a polygon in Microstation from Excel

Using this template, you can draw a polygon in Microstation, from a list of bearings and distances in Excel, or a list of coordinates x, y, z. Case 1: List of Rumbos and Distances Suppose we have this table of data coming from the field: In the first columns we have the stations, [...]
Convert UTM Coordinates, Google Earth coordinates- Topography

Being a surveyor is a lifelong experience.

The love for the topography of Ken Allred knows no bounds, and his enthusiasm, for a study that in the eyes of the novices appears as a mathematical equation, is contagious. The retired MLA of St. Albert does not think twice about pointing out the power that topographers have once they nail their simple landmarks into [...]

MDT, A complete solution for Surveying and Engineering projects

With more than 15,000 users in 50 countries and available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese among other languages, MDT is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking applications of the companies dedicated to geoengineering. APLITOP has in its portfolio of four application families: topographic projects, field applications with total station [...]