10 40 + 2012 Conferences

They have been announced the most of 40 possible topics that will be taking place in the Sixth GIS Free Conference of Girona. Perhaps one of the events of the Hispanic context with more impact on the visibility of OpenSource geographic information systems.

Sig free girona

As a sample I leave 10 topics that I found interesting within the six general topics:

Gvsig miniMobile devices

  • News from gvSIG Mini: access to vector data and POI services

IkimapVisors and Webmapping

  • EIEL and Geoportals: How to make information available to citizens
  • ikiMap, the social platform of cartography

GvsigApplications and Use Cases

  • The application of statistics and GIS in the study of the prehistoric monumental constructions of the Brazilian Amazon
  • The use of Free Geographic Information Systems in Costa Rica

OpenStreetMap-001Data, Web Services and Comparative Analysis

  • Cartociudad bets on Free Software
  • Comparison between OpenStreetMap and Cartociudad: case study of Valencia

ESRIDesktop Applications and Databases

  • Integration of Sextante in ArcGIS

Geoserver3D Applications

  • gvSIG in Spain Virtual
  • Geoserver and Augmented Reality. Extension for the publication of cartographic repositories in Augmented Reality browsers

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You can follow them on Twitter at @SIGLibreGirona

The Hashtag used to follow the topic on Twitter is #siglibre2012

3 Replies to "10 40 + presentations of the Free 2012 GIS Days"

  1. You can go from dwg to kml and vice versa, using the globalmapper, as long as you have the dwg in some coordinate system.
    It is very simple, open the dwg file with the globalmapper, if you do not recognize the coordinate system alone (with some support prj file) it asks for it, you put it and then export it as a vector file (and specify that it will be kml) and ready .-
    If it is the other way around, open the kml, you go to projection tools, change it to your system of coordinates and export it to dxf and ready.- I hope it serves you, the global mapper that I use is an old man, it is obtained in the network … I hope it helps you

  2. For that you occupy a GIS program, such as AutoCAD Map, gvSIG, Bentley Map.
    I think that only with AutoCAD you can not do it.

  3. Good evening gentlemen, I am a topography assistant and I want your collaboration to learn how to pass autocad files to google earth and visiversa, I would like them in a very special way because I am in the process of learning but the difisil in berda is the money for these wonderful programs that you do

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