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image001 I do not believe in the statement of this spam, which credits a certain University with these answers in exams, but I do not doubt that more than one is a legitimate creation of good faith. The answers in red are thoughts aloud.

What are the movements of the heart ?:
Of rotation around itself and of translation around the body.
It must be strangling your aorta, which prevents you from thinking, you piece of an idiot!


Give the definition of circle:
It is a line struck by the two ends forming a round.
Great, for stake out it looks simple ...


What are Aqueducts ?:
They were to carry water from one end to the other instead of carrying the buckets.
This is the most rational of all.


Literature- Measure the second verse written on the board:
About 75 centimeters
Luckily, the genius did not have a distanometer ...


For your study, in how many parts does Nature divide?
'na' 'your' 'ra' and 'read'.
Davinci, you slipped a syllable.


How do amphibians breathe ?:
The frog has a cloacal cleft, by which it launches the typical sound 'cloac, cloac'.
Good thing the slit ...


How does the formation of the mountain ranges occur ?:
Mountains do not form in one or two days, they take a long time to form.
Yes Weeks, maybe?


What is the atmosphere ?:
The atmosphere is the place where atmospheric processes such as clouds are found. In this part seismic rays occur, which are those that produce earthquakes and earthquake.


Mention some antibiotics:
Alcohol, cotton and hydrogen peroxide.
Yes, and the band-aids would come as removable by-pass ... haunted!


What is Faith?
It is what God gives us to understand the priests.
37 years trying to understand them ...


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