10 common day lines

Like I did not think of it before!

... no, I have not died.

Just a little change of subdomain.

Impersonal? You did not read me a couple of days ago.

Simple redirect.

WordPress MU is a calamity.

Ah, there must be a pleca at the end.

Also renew Google Maps API, and Live Writer.

Epa! Google is wonderful.

Maybe only the very curious know that I speak.

Copy of Catastro 018 Tour

And you ... do not forget me.

4 Replies to "10 common day lines"

  1. Okay, I didn't mean this. I was thinking rather of some limitations that it surely presents to migrate to a more recent version of WordPress and that limits the use of some functionalities.

    I have serious problems to edit online with Google Chromme, you cannot work in WYSIWYG because the current version of WP does not support scripts. I had to edit some urls that were absolute and I got a mess in a couple of posts where all html tags were deleted, Live Writter doesn't let me go beyond the last 500 entries, in conclusion, I had to use Firefox.

    Have you thought about moving to a newer version of WP?

  2. Only one discrepancy: "WordPress MU is NOT a calamity", since it did much of the work without getting our hands dirty too much.

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