4 Tips to Succeed on Twitter - Top40 Geospatial September 2015

Twitter came to stay, especially the increasing dependence on Internet by users in everyday use. It is estimated that for 2020 the 80% of users will connect to the Internet from mobile devices.

No matter your field, if you are a researcher, consultant, exhibitor, entrepreneur or independent, someday you can regret not having started with Twitter in a productive way. Do not be surprised that in your next job interview a boss says:

In this company we consider the influence value of our collaborators. Could you please tell me how many followers have your Twitter account?

These tips can be useful, whether you are already using it or you are exerting resistance.

1 Do not ignore Twitter.

All companies use Twitter -Whether or not they understand the procedure- and although one day it will change to another thing, at least while it is the means of influence, do not ignore it.

It is always important to use a means of measuring influence. Twitter has its own system for measuring Retweets and Favorites, but that goes to the abyss, so a practical way is to use a shortener that allows you to measure influence and learn which are the topics on which you generate traffic, such as Karmacracy.

Preferably, you have to use an application to see Twitter. My favorites are Flipboard from mobile and Twitdeck from desktop. With the first you can follow many things apart from Twitter, with the second you can follow specific topics.

2 Use tactics to be seen.

Twitter is very different from other social networks. Linkedin is to make a valuable network of professionals, Facebook to maintain contact with people -who is now moving to Watsapp-. Twitter is to be aware of what is happening, therefore, you should know that a message has a maximum of 10 minutes of life for users who follow accounts within the same topic. So, rather than wait for them to follow you, you should expect that those who do at least read you. For this, it is recommended:

  • Using images in publications causes a greater impact. Do not abuse with animated images.
  • If you're only going to post a few times a day, use key schedules. Between 7 AM and 3 PM American time, Between 1 PM and 9 PM from Western Europe.
  • Do not compete, but be part of the ecosystem. Both large accounts need small ones and small ones have what to learn from large ones.
  • Retuating is a sign of having been impressed, making a favorite is cordiality, responding to a Tuit is valid only in eventualities and sending direct messages a useless Twitter function.
  • Never put an automatic message for those who follow you, that is a waste of time and lack of creativity.
  • It tries to be in lists, because the people do not follow accounts in individual, but it follows lists own that it has created or others of value.
  • Do not leave your account without an image, that causes an impression of laziness.
  • Do not publish only your own content. Much of the content of others can be retweeted, but also publish again, with a better image, a better headline and if possible, the credit of who said it before. Tweeting news has an 80% paste.
  • Do not use more than 100 characters and you will have a 17% of greater impact.
  • Use hashtags only related to your topic, increase the reach in an 100%. Do not use more than two hashtag if you do not want to lose an 17% impact.

3 Do not use tactics to be hated.

  • If you do not have to tweet, better not do it. Doing so by not disappearing can make you lose followers.
  • If you have to tweet, but you have less time or you will be traveling, then select valuable topics that you have seen there, and schedule at least two per day. You can use it TweetDeck, Always using an image and times 9 AM and 1 PM, American time.
  • Do not use pernicious tactics to find followers. Those that are achieved on a paid basis will make you lose influence, those that are achieved using follow / unfollow tricks can lead to penalties. The best way to find followers is by tweeting quality material and following accounts of interest.

4 Identify where you are compared to others.

While this is not a competition, it is valuable to know how your account grows. A growth of 11% in six months is a sign of health for accounts below 10,000 followers. A growth above 20% in six months is a sign of doing a great job of finding followers and publishing quality material.

The following infographic corresponds to the list of Geospatial Top40, updated to September of 2015. We have followed observations made in our previous publications; In the list, we have separated 21 accounts of English origin, from the 25 of Ibero-American origin. We have written off too inactive accounts, we have added some new ones to balance, especially in English to level as starting point in 160,000 followers per side; we have also left about six on hold (In total there is now 46).

Among the new accounts, excel Qgis y GvSIG We have decided to enter them for the amount of importance they have for our themes. We have placed them in the center next to Esri_Spain, being the only three accounts related to software.

Stand out among the new integrated accounts above TailQ1: geoawesomeness, geoworldmedia, maps_me, colegeografos.

Below we have integrated underdarkGIS, geography gis, geoblogger, mondegeospatial, geone_ws and geoinquiets.

40 Geospatial Top2015 Infographics

No Account Sep-15 Crec. Acumul Individual Tails Language
1 @geospatialnews 26,928 4% 17% 17% Tops English
2 @gisuser 20,704 3% 29% 13% English
3 @gisday 13,874 11% 38% 9% English
4 @geoawesomeness 13,405 2% 46% 8% English
5 @Qgis 12,066 54% 7% Transition English
6 @geoworldmedia 10,848 2% 60% 7% English
7 @directionsmag 9,577 5% 66% 6% Tail Q1 English
8 @MAPS_ME 7,397 71% 5% Tail Q2 English
9 @egeomate 6,422 130% 75% 4% Tail Q2 English
10 @URISA 5,723 3% 78% 4% English
11 @Geoinformatics1 5,578 5% 82% 3% Tail Q3 English
12 @GisGeography 5,317 85% 3% English
13 @underdarkGIS 4,166 2% 88% 3% English
14 @pcigeomatics 4,118 4% 90% 3% English
15 @gim_intl 3,738 12% 93% 2% Tail Q4 English
16 @Cadalyst_Mag 3,021 2% 95% 2% English
17 @NewOnGISCafe 2,722 8% 96% 2% English
18 @POBMag 2,460 5% 98% 2% English
19 @GeoNe_ws 2,089 99% 1% English
20 @MondeGeospatial 794 100% 0% English
21 @geoblogger 793 100% 0% English
English: 161,740
1 @CivilGeeks 22,489 14% 14% Check these top 1 Spanish
2 @ingenieriared 18,400 4% 25% 11% Spanish
3 @geofumadas 17,221 55% 36% 11% Spanish
4 @blogingenieria 16,650 3% 46% 10% Spanish
5 @MundoGEO 14,795 2% 55% 9% Transition Portuguese
6 @gersonbeltran 11,437 2% 62% 7% Spanish
7 @colegeografos 6,958 1% 66% 4% Spanish
8 @Esri_Spain 6,062 3% 70% 4% Tail Q1 Spanish
9 @Gvsig 6,052 74% 4% Spanish
10 @mappinggis 5,296 10% 77% 3% Tail Q2 Spanish
11 @nosolosig 4,158 10% 80% 3% Spanish
12 @masquesig 3,518 10% 82% 2% Tail Q3 Spanish
13 @Geoactual 3,228 4% 84% 2% Spanish
14 @ClickGeo 3,059 4% 86% 2% Portuguese
15 @Tel_y_SIG 3,019 3% 88% 2% Spanish
16 @orbemapa 2,795 6% 89% 2% Spanish
17 @MappingInteract 2,681 8% 91% 2% Tail Q4 Spanish
18 @comparteSig 2,480 6% 92% 2% Spanish
19 @geoinquiets 2,408 4% 94% 1% Catalan
20 @gisandchips 2,315 3% 95% 1% Spanish
21 @COITTopografia 2,018 3% 97% 1% Spanish
22 @ZatocaConnect 1,648 75% 98% 1% Spanish
23 @SIGdeletras 1,511 3% 99% 1% Spanish
24 @franzpc 1,345 2% 99% 1% Spanish
25 @COMUNIDAD_SIG 997 9% 100% 1% Spanish

Latin America


With regard to our Previous predictions, has already been fulfilled: URISA fell to the TailQ2 and was overtaken by egeomate, MundoGEO fell to the transition zone. The other predictions can be fulfilled at the end of December, which was the six-month projection we made.

Comments are welcome.

Few things could change between now and January of 2016.

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