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The AUGI Mara has uploaded a collection of videos explaining the new features of AutoCAD 2009 known as Raptor and until now criticized for the amount of resource it requires, although seeing the functionality in videos can be perceived that not only is makeup.

Not bad videos, because although the audio is in English, you can learn in a few minutes the features without having to fool with a manual.

These are the 13 videos:

  1. Introduction
    This lasts 45 seconds and only shows the new screen, while the narrative tries to justify what AutoDesk is looking for with the new features ... that increase productivity, that improve the handling of menu bars ...
  2. Browser Menu
    It is dedicated to explain how the quick access menu works, which is in the upper left corner. It is practical to search for commands, in which the commands that match the written text are displayed; if "line" is written, all the commands that contain this text appear (xline, mline, pline etc.)
  3. Quick Access Toolbar
    This explains the other buttons that are to the right of the red letter A, explained in the previous video. Interestingly, in this bar, right clicking activates the option to customize buttons, just like the previously known bars can be called. So if you want to activate the Draw and Modify bars, right-click on this small bar and activate it there.
  4. Ribbon
    Explains the operation of that thick horizontal bar, which in particular I do not like much. Now watching the video you can see that it is quite useful and practical, but for those who want to make plans fast is a bit annoying because apart from removing a lot of work space, each action raises a contextual window with too many functionalities for which we occupy AutoCAD (for make plans, not to make poems). At least the video shows that it can be dragged to the sidebar, and it can be simplified too.
  5. Status Bar
    In this video the whole bar is explained, it is worth seeing it because it is nothing more than what we already had, with the variant that the buttons are more "geek" and now there are the zoom / pan buttons. Also there is the button to activate the side templates of recent versions.
  6. Quick Properties
    This video explains what they did with that side table that we knew as a property bar. Now it is a table that can appear or disappear only when needed, and you can even configure what type of fields and how many we want them to be there. It seems to me one of the best reforms of AutoCAD 2009, although it falls short, because the criteria of "contextual window" should be able to be customized for different types of commands.
  7. Quick View Layouts
    This shows the improvements in the handling of layaouts ... although nobody helps you if you do not know how to create them.
  8. Quick View Drawings
  9. ToolTips
  10. Action Recorder
  11. Layer Management
  12. ShowMotion
  13. 3D navigation

Well, take a look, they are quite educational not to get lost in the new version ... ah !, and no, it does not explain how to crack it if it is what you were looking for.

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  1. the other autocad did not have so much complication to draw a plane, now I see it more dispensable


  3. Very well ... I had not found a clearer explanation of AutoCAD 2009 than this one.

  4. thanks Ruben, although I must admit that your site has had better positioning in searches for this same word ... and which I appreciate your link that also brought me traffic.

    greetings, and forward with your blog

  5. Congratulations for this post. About AutoCAD 2009 there is no one who wins, both in quality of them and in information.


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