13 Historical photos of human entrepreneurship

The 2015 year has ended. To celebrate, we bring you a few historical photographs that remind us that time has not passed taste.

Paris zepelin

The LZ 129 Hindenburg, Zeppelin-type airship, destroyed by a fire when the 6 1937 landed in New Jersey. The accident caused the death of 36 people (about one-third of the people on board). It was widely covered by the media of the time and meant the end of dirigibles as a means of transport.


Niagara Falls when army engineers "locked the key" to remove loose rocks in 1969.


The Camp Nou, FC Barcelona stadium, during its construction. 1954.

Crisis pertroleo

People at a picnic on the deserted highway during the fuel crisis at 1973.


Delivery of the mail in 1914. It included attachments and spam.


Vision of the future in 1930. Skype with radio at the waist included.

Electric car

In 1905 electric cars already existed. Here you can see one charging. Incredible as Tesla's current business was always possible, without causing so much damage to the environment.


This is for the memory, day of the release of Star Wars, 1977.


Construction of one of the first planned cities in the world. Brasilia, 1960.


Construction of the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) in New York, 1969.

Bill and hillary clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton when they were students in 1972. Here there is no ingenuity, nothing more because the photo could become famous if for the first time the United States gets to have its first woman president next year.

Auto cinema

When the drive-in cinemas were in full swing. South Bend, Indiana, 1950's


Motor homes of the future according to a publication in the September edition 1934 of «Everyday Science and Mechanics».

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