2 Cadastre courses promoted by the OAS

Within the different areas of support that the OAS has in the Electronic Government Program, there is a Cadastral line whose objective is to contribute to strengthening the essential purposes of the OAS; considering the cadastre as a fundamental and necessary tool to achieve development objectives that are promoted through the other OAS Programs such as:

  • Strengthen the rule of law and contribute to an efficient and transparent governance that consolidates peace and security
  • Consolidate representative democracy
  • Prevent possible causes of difficulties and ensure the peaceful settlement of disputes
  • Addressing the solution of political, legal and economic problems
  • Promote economic and social development, and eradicate critical poverty.

Cadastral teamAnd within the offer that this program has, the courses on cadastral themes that can be accessed online have already been defined for 2013. These are:

Course Methodology

The courses are developed via e-learning, are structured in weekly modules.

Each week a module is developed, which opens with readings and online activities coordinated by a tutor, to be closed with a reading control.

It is essential that the student participate in the online sessions through the Virtual Classroom, including chats, interactive forums and emails. These learning models that are more common every day and where half of the success is in the discipline of the student in sending their work on time and organizing their time to get the most out of it. The courses begin with a module (Module 0) aimed at acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for proper management of the Virtual Classroom and its information and communication tools on the Internet, followed by the respective content modules, and 1 for closing and final evaluation .


Introduction to Cadastral Management

This course lasts 7 weeks, offering students an overview of the various factors involved in the process of cadastral management, and how they relate to each other.

It includes the following topics:

  • Week 1, Introduction to the Virtual Classroom: Welcome, socialization and use of the tools
  • 2 Week, 1 Module: Technical Aspects of the Cadastre
  • 3 Week, 2 Module: Development of Cadastre Projects
  • 4 Week, 3 Module: Multipurpose Cadastre
  • 5 Week, 4 Module: Cadastre and Registration
  • Week 6, Integration and Resolution of Final Work
  • 7 Week, Assessment, Final Work and Closing Course


Use of GIS Technology in the Cadastre

Also with duration of 7 weeks, in this course the participant is offered the tools so that each of them, according to their capacities and circumstances, is able to implement a project of application of Systems of
Geographic information -SIG, on the Cadastre.

The topics of this course are:

  • Week 1, Introduction to the Virtual Classroom: Welcome, socialization and use of the tools
  • 2 Week, 1 Module: GIS Concepts
  • 3 Week, 2 Module: Analysis of the most used GIS
  • 4 Week, 3 Module: GIS based on Free Software
  • 5 Week, 4 Module: Cadastral Data Model
  • Week 6, Integration and Resolution of Final Work
  • 7 Week, Assessment, Final Work and Closing Course


More information and how scholarships work can be found at this page:


Other OAS Courses

Of course, these are only two courses within a fairly broad portfolio offered by the Electronic Government Program, as listed below:

1. Introduction to the Formulation of Electronic Government Strategies

2 Design and Implementation of e-Government Strategies

3. Introduction to the Formulation of Electronic Government Strategies

4. Regulatory Aspects of Electronic Government

5. Interoperability and Interinstitutional Public Processes

6. Electronic Government Project Management

7. Public Purchasing Management

8. Introduction to Cadastral Management                    

9 Use of GIS Technology in the Cadastre            

10. Modernization of Cadastral Management        

11. Comprehensive Municipal Tourism Management Strategies

12. Effective Strategies for Institutional Communication

13. Management and Quality Certifications, Competitiveness Tool for Public Administration

14. Formulation of Strategies for Electoral Participation

15. Strategies for Decentralization and Citizen Participation

16. Mechanisms and Strategies for the Promotion of Transparency and Integrity

17. Early Childhood Care Strategies

18. Young Political Leaders in the Caribbean *

19. Trade and the Environment in the Americas *

20. E-Congress and the Modernization of Legislative Institutions

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