2 good Geofumadas and others on the fly

Preparing to take my daughter to the dentist, and spend a long weekend I leave some links of interest. The first ones are two interesting geofumadas that I recommend you to watch carefully, and then some contents for those who search for healthy readings on Friday night.

Blom, Visual Intelligence:

CadCorp_Pictometry Pictometry is an interesting product in which taking advantage of 3D data visualization can interact with images. It is possible to measure distances, heights, calculate areas and several more pirouettes among which it is possible to connect the system to:

  • AutoCad
  • MicroStation
  • GeoMedia
  • MapInfo
  • CadCorp
  • Norkarts GISline
Unfortunately, this product stopped working on 2011, after Disagreements Of Blom with Pictomety.

Phidias, A little beyond photogrammetry

G_image9 An interesting application made to pure MDL by PhoCAD that works with Microstation, and other Bentley products. It is possible to work in the construction of complicated buildings from images to model in 3 dimensions. a whole smoke that could be very useful in Architecture, Archeology, Preservation of monuments, industry and criminology.

The smoke is not new but works with recent versions of Microstation.

From the big forums

  • Cartesia Forum: Tricks and little known commands with AutoCAD
  • Gabriel Ortiz Forum: Conversion of coordinates of TME To UTM
  • HispaCAD: Talking about the AutoCAD Express tools
  • Delineation Forum: The salary of the draughtsmen

10 things that other blogs tell

  1. Annoying why do not I tell you how to download AutoCAD with your keygen? Better avoid us many Dollars and prison.
  2. Possibly within a year we will have the first copy of the achievements of La Collaborative Geomatics.
  3. The new one came out Version of KMLer And incidentally give us an interesting map of South America.
  4. Another layer for Google Maps, Now the webcam.
  5. WebGenome aims to map the network
  6. AutoCAD 2008 with Linux, it seems that it is possible to do it.
  7. Google Earth updates some images of northern Spain
  8. If God had had Facebook, an allusion to creation
  9. Installing ArcSDE for PostgreSQL
  10. Actualizado The plugin to connect AutoCAD with Google Earth

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