2 News in the geospatial area that you can not ignore

The year has started with great force on the part of the companies dedicated to the training area, we took advantage of this article to promote some of the innovation that exists in this subject, and incidentally we give continuity to a product, whose line we have been talking about since last year; Which in our view is unique in its approach to interoperability.

DMS Group presents its new e-learning platform


As we know, this is a company focused on training in the cartographic area. On the occasion of launching its new e-learning platform, DMS Group offers some promotions such as:

  • New courses and all of them with an 20% discount
  • Special discounts for collegians, students and the unemployed

Within the training catalog, all topics are oriented to the geospatial area, such as:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI)
  • Download and locate data on the web

This last subject is very attractive, if it is received under formal training because there are free data that can help you in the daily work, although knowing its pertinence and technical applicability is necessary.

The other two respond to a very common demand in the area of ​​Geo-Engineering, with routines of daily use such as:

  • Learn how to create a WMS service
  • Use and manage the different services offered by a Geoportal
  • Learn how to generate metadata records and set up catalogs under standards such as MARC 21, ISBD, ISO 19115.
  • Implement a light and heavy client.

An important value that we believe should keep companies engaged in training, is to maintain the balance between the use of Open Source programs and commercial calls, although its most appropriate name is proprietary. We know that both are commercial and that professionals must be ready to implement different alternatives. The different programs of DMSGroup include the following programs: GeoNetwork, CatMDedit, Service Cube, gvSIG, ArcGIS, CSW Client, Global Mapper, GEOServer, MapServer, p.mapper and Quantum GIS.

For more information about the courses, discounts and promotions, you can visit: http://shop.dmsgroup.es. The registration period is now open.

If you want to contact DMSGroup directly you can do it through Training@dmsgroup.es or http://shop.dmsgroup.es/contact_us.php

And last but not least, add to your social networking accounts in Facebook y Twitter, To keep abreast of future days.

Geobridge, a CAD / GIS data access gateway

Geobide presents the Geobridge module, a complement that plays an important role of interoperability within the suite Geobide. It is a gateway to access multiple CAD / GIS formats in consolidated geographical applications such as AutoCAD, Microstation and ArcMap, Which facilitates the integration of different geographic data formats.

Among its characteristics, it emphasizes that it allows a quick and simple access to the data warehouses directly from the habitual working environment without need of data conversion; In addition, it integrates, combines and superimposes information from different origins, improving the effectiveness and precision, both in the maintenance and the design of geographical environments.


GeoBridge Features

  • Catalog of elements, to customize the import mode of the data to be loaded in the active document.
  • Massive loading from geographic catalog, which allows to load massively all the elements defined in a geocatalogue, being able to load at one time more than one element.
  • Data filtering, whether in alphanumeric or spatial form, based on a point or window that is drawn on the map of our application.
  • Results report: Listed with all trace messages, information, alerts and errors of the last load process performed against the active document in the application.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to understand the Geobide Suite is its integrative approach, since it is not a Geographic Information System as such, but an integrating complement that facilitates working with data from the most common platforms.

GeoBridge supports:

  • In ESRI: ArcGIS 9.2, ArcGIS 9.3x and ArcGIS 10.1
  • In Bentley: MicroStation v8 XM and MicroStation v8i
  • In AutoDesk: From AutoCAD 2004 to AutoCAD 2010

As a sample I leave a video that shows the operation of GeoBridge

More information Www.geobide.es

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