2 tricks with Microstation: Repair damaged files and problems with DWG 3D

Problem 1. The DGW 3D file opens as if it were only 2 dimensions

It is quite frequent, that when opening an 3D file of DWG format, with Microstation, it opens as if it only had 2 dimensions.

This happens because Microstation usually has configured in its options, that the seed file (seed), equivalent to an AutoCAD template, is predetermined is 2 dimensions.

The solution is simple,

Through this simple sequence of steps you will always be able to open your DWG extension files as

Originally are:

  1. Load MicroStation and get the MicroStation Manager dialog box (Administrator). Scroll to the file and select (without opening it).

Now press the {Options} button at the bottom of the MicroStation Administrator dialog box.

  1. Deselect the checkbox labeled "Create 2D Models for Model Space" and press {OK}.
  2. Now open your DWG file from the MicroStation Administrator.

2 trick. Repair a MicroStation file

The problems that cause a collapse in MicroStation or prevent the design files from being opened can take several work nights and even happen over several full weekends. Ghost elements or elements that are difficult to select (or move, copy or delete), mapping problems, adjustments in display problems and difficulties that arise; many times after migrating design files from V7 to V8 or V8i or exports between DXF / DWG files.

How does it happen

  • The "MicroStation Problem Notification" dialog box appears when you are working on a design file.
  • It has design files that behave strangely when zooming in or zooming out.
  • Notice a dialog box indicating that MicroStation has experienced a problem and that it should be closed.
  • Run the "Fit all" command in a design file and the entire drawing becomes a small dot located somewhere on the screen.
  • He discovers that some elements have disappeared mysteriously.
  • Find items that are difficult to select or remove.
  • It has some design files which you just can not open.
  • Discover levels that seem to have disappeared from Level Manager.
  • Full templates disappear from a design file created in V8 or a library of cells.
  • You experience difficulty in drawing or moving certain design files into a project.

In the end, there is nothing more than a corrupt file.

Repair it with FileFixer

FileFixer is one of those toys that really impress, with features aimed at repairing any kind of corruption or non-optimal condition that can be found in the MicroStation design files. FileFixer prevents the "symptoms" mentioned above. For a project that is worth a lot of money in hours and commitments, it is definitely worth downloading.

To know how to obtain a copy of FileFixer for Microstation V8 or Microstation V8i, enter your data and someone will contact you.

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