2011: What to Expect: CAD Platforms

Hello my friends, they spent the holidays, the cocktails, the nacatamales and hugs of the new year. It's good to be back on this side of life, in a good year for news.

Autocad 2012AutoCAD comes from 3 years of having turned the interface and it is said that this could be a milestone year as they were 2000, 20004, 2007 0 2010.

On the other hand Bentley arrives in its second year of having put the i (more 3 Select) to the 8 version that goes for almost ten years. So by logic, we assume that both bring something in hand for a year that can not go unnoticed and the logic of the series that says that the time for major changes in this can not remain four years ... and three already long ago


It is likely that by mid-May we are witnessing the launch of AutoCAD 2012 -Coined this year as Ironman- based on the last two trends that we have seen since 2008. So far it is not very clear, because the lists of requests are going faster than usability and although it is possible to Download AutoCAD 2012 Free of charge, for testing purposes, little has been said about it.

Autocad 3 The first option is to insist on migrating the software legacy based on the command line and forcing us to use the buttons as they should. This is good for the big side of the drawing board, because it must be forced to use usability laboratories, where what is sought is to make the operation more intuitive every day, thinking about workflows and objects rather than the Line drawing of planes. Many of the latest developments that AutoDesk has done in the 2010 and 2011 versions go in this direction although they still do not think of BIM modeling at the simple vector level. Beware that if you want to do it could suggest that 2013 will require another (another) version of dwg, not because it occupies it but because it is a fun practice to turn around potential competitors.

We liked things like transparencies, constraints, and options to hide objects without using express tools; However, there would be no bad features that the competition does, as independent dynamic views to get more out of working with multiple monitors. Already AutoCAD 2011 showed that speed can be made more efficient, let's hope that AutoCAD 2012 continues to do so, although for this we must leave for long the improvements in rendering (which in itself is already obsolete days).

The other trend we will see is to exploit more and more the niche of Mac users. It should not be difficult for you, nor do I think that you are thinking about returning to the market ArchiCAD, which had already taken possession of Architects. AutoDesk goes for a long-term trend, because it visualizes what many have suggested, that the white-line company is the promise for the next 5 years before the imminent fall of the term PC as such. In my opinion, AutoDesk will insist on working About Ipad And use the arsenal that mean Maya, Revit, Inventor and other specialized contexts such as Civil3D that for this year we believe will come in the manzanita version.

If you do, I swear I bought an Air. Hey andI would like

However, software with this level of positioning, with a public presence in the stock market, struggles more to reduce competition than to innovate (it is the obvious feeling of investors). Get the most out of cows before a point of decline arrives. But I do not doubt that a team of hairy people is locked in a basement thinking unimaginable things, and they surprise us with something more than the same commands on a table more geek, With the known risk of being taken by Gentiles at a business meeting.


It's a great year for Bentley, who can not continue with his Select Series anymore than 4 would be the end of absent creativity (in name). What happens is that the smokes of this company, which is not public but a family legacy gives them more freedom to redesign almost at will. So we could expect a name that exceeds the credibility of the V8, that you insist on using it, even if it is to do the same but with a vision beyond the vector.


In my view, the trends that Bentley will exploit will be the I-model. This means popularizing the Navigator and dgn, without doubt with great credibility, although the challenge is not easy if we consider that Bentley wants to stop being known by Microstation and introduce Project Wise and Asset Wise beyond its captive market. A good strategy would be to consolidate more the interaction between the lines of engineering, plants, architecture and networks around standardization with a wonderful format that seems to be brought from another planet - although unknown by almost all this planet.

The incredible thing is that it will always be over The same dgn v8.

I will wait to be surprised, because the difficulty of being an emporium that was born out of nowhere and the risk that grandchildren are little interested in their legacy can lead to the idea of ​​quoting in the stock market or looking for a large buyer (if is that it exists with the same motivation). What is profitable is to develop applications on xfm for gadgets in niches where Microstation is positioned, because there is a guarantee that it will be compatible in the long term. Although we forget VBA, that as AutoCAD 2011 abandoned it, Bentley will end up leaving everything in the hands of .net.

Other CAD

In other contexts there are other great ones, here, they are those that appear with more presence. 1292661111310_f Unlike the GIS and modeling, the Open Source little positioning has had like to make a serious competition in at least reading and editing a last version of dwg or dgn. I think the two have a pact with each other so as not to open spaces, a pity for the OS, although it leaves us the advantage that interoperability between them is becoming closer each day. So I do not know if we could expect news from QCad, BRL-CAD and others who are out there so unknown that I do not even remember others.

The one that has come closest is IntelliCAD, which, being paid, has sought to take advantage of the already existing popularity of AutoCAD. With the disadvantage that this is something more than being cheap to impact, with only the Ribbon AutoDesk from 2009 left them on the pavement, strategy based on the same battle criteria: popularity, autocracy and no doubt that some malice simple.


Nor is it that we hope that warm water is invented in a subject that is so linear (CAD, not applications). But it does not hurt that we return To talent To do the same things as if they were new, like when the removable graphite bars came in, the eraser powder or the eraser, inventions that were not radical but they changed our lives because they made it easier.

The magic of having layers so that you do not have to trace each plane long ago stopped captivating us, it just stopped doing it when the xml gave life to the lines. Undoubtedly we have seen many changes in the CAD that have made us mutate more That the position y Name of draftsman to Cadista.

For my part I hope these friends insist on facilitating the things we already do, see not that Steve Jobs wants to take us to make the plans With the nails. His insistence on not wanting to make a pencil for the Ipad worries me.

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