25,000 maps worldwide available for download

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection is an impressive compilation containing more than 250,000 maps that have been scanned and made available online. Most of these maps are in the public domain and are currently available near 25,000.

As an example, we show some of the maps available in the Collection.

This is the 1 Cartographic Sheet 50,000 of Girona, of the first edition of 1943, when this the United States Army did for reasons of security :). Maps of this type are found almost in all countries, available for download.

Maps for download

See this example of the 1 Navigation Chart: 1,000.000 about Lima, Peru. All maps in this collection are available with a high level of detail as shown in the following image.

Maps for download

It is interesting also the maps of wars; The example shows an approach from the 29 Offensive from September to the 14 of October in Verdun during World War I in 1918.

Maps for download

Maps for download

This is England and Wales between 1649 and 1910. The collection of historical maps is very wide, from different continents.

The way the maps are organized takes some effort because there is no catalog of metadata, but in general it is possible once you enter the area of ​​interest, which is arranged as follows:

I suggest keeping the address of the Library page, as it is an interesting source of information, which is gradually being scanned and uploaded for free use.


The Perry-Castañeda Library is located on the University of Texas Campus, currently the fifth largest library at the academic institutions level; The eleventh in the United States.

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