3 blogs and 8 geofumadas on the fly

images I will be in Houston attending a training, and in the process resting from the pressures of this world whose kml format seems to lose its simplicity.

The month brings birthdays of highly prized beings, I complete two years of geofumar to the beast, and as it goes ... will go on trips.

I recommend 3 blogs that will surely have a lot of content to show and that will entertain them in the meantime.

  1. visual Beta, The best of blog juice
  2. Fayer Wayer, For tireless technology readers
  3. Web masters, From my favorites

And some news ... not all are new

  1. Manifold launches Your 8.0.13 version
  2. Between the lines, tells us how to remove duplicates with AutoCAD
  3. WorldCAD Access, between Solid works and AutoCAD ...
  4. Construct Geek, lisp to export vertices of a polyline AutoCAD to Excel
  5. The CAD Geek, Was unemployed
  6. Cartesia, trick to import color image from Google Earth to Civil 3D
  7. Tecnobita, convert tables from PDF to Excel

The one of chascada, a very interesting blog with enough content about AutoCAD Civil 3D, by the hand of Angel Espinoza.

Angel's Civil, Civil 3D quantifies

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