4 What's new in Google Earth 6.3

I downloaded the beta version of Google Earth and corroborated what a user had told me, there are some improvements that are interesting. Although there are other things, for our purposes these 4 news seem very useful to me; although some of this appeared in the 6.2 version, it seems that now they have added more stability.

1 Enter UTM coordinates in Google Earth directly

It is now possible to insert coordinates in UTM format. For this, of course you have to have the properties set to show us projected coordinates:

Tools> Options> 3D View And here have configured Universal Traverso de Mercator

Thus, when entering a new position mark:

Add> Placemark

This screen appears, where it is possible to define the Zone, East Coordinate and North Coordinate. Note that the order could confuse us because we are accustomed to use the format X, Y while in this case what is first is the Latitude (Y) and then the Length (X).

Google earth utm coordinates

Not bad, although it is quite poor as it is not possible to do with routes or polygons, and of course it is not possible to get Coordinate lists.

2 Add Photos in Google Earth

This is a new type of object, which adds to those that existed (point, route, polygon and superimposed image), with this you can add a photograph:

Add> Photo

Here lets place an image that may well be local or the Internet. You can set the angle of rotation, height of visibility, transparency and height of the camera. Once inserted, on approaching it goes off just at the height of visibility that we have defined. An interesting aspect is that this image can have properties to click on to display data, anywhere in the image where it is clicked ... we will see practical uses that can be made of this, beyond labeling photos of the girl in the Mountain sleep, especially with mobiles or tablets that have orientation support when taking pictures.

Google earth utm coordinates

Add photo and hyperlinks to an object's properties

This had to be done before A pure html code. Now some buttons have been created to be able to add an image or hyperlink and apply for points, routes, polygons or photos.

Google earth utm coordinates

The same thing happens when adding an image.Google earth utm coordinates

The other button is used (Add image...), the route is inserted and pressing the button OK:

You get the html tag that we explained earlier. It is not the big thing in the background, they have just facilitated the creation of the html code but there are no image size properties, for example it will be complex to insert if someone does not know the language.

Insert network link

This remains to be seen, they have a lot of potential linked to the ability that now comes with Google Earth to embed a browser that displays data from the Internet without having to leave; not only html but also css. This is done with:

Add> Network Link

See that I've added the Geofumadas code displayed in the browser, see how you can deploy the entire site, as if you were browsing in Chrome. There is a button that shows the option to open it in Internet Explorer although it opens in the browser that we have default.

Google earth utm coordinates

You can also insert an external digital model, but for now only supports Collada format (.dae).

As long as the stable version does not arrive, you can download Google Earth Beta From this site

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