5.7 Polygons

As the reader surely knows, a square is a regular polygon because its four sides measure the same. There are also pentagons, heptagons, octagons, etc. Drawing regular polygons with Autocad is very simple: we must define the point of the center, then the number of sides that the polygon will have (obviously, the more sides the polygon has, the more a circle will appear), then we must define whether it will be an inscribed polygon or circumscribed to an imaginary circle that had the same center and radius and, finally, we indicate the value of the radius. Let's see it in the video.

It should be mentioned that the polygons are actually closed equilateral polylines (that is, with equal sides and where their initial point, whatever it is, coincides with its final point). The polylines in Autocad are a special type of object that allows us to create shapes with more agility than the objects studied up to now in the individual. But the polylines and their creation are a topic that will occupy a part of the next chapter, although it is worth mentioning this characteristic of the polygons in Autocad, because being also polylines, they share with these diverse characteristics that serve us for their editing, as we will see later .

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