9 GIS courses oriented to the management of natural resources

The offer of online and face-to-face training in Geo-Engineering applications is abundant today. Among so many proposals that exist, today we want to present at least nine outstanding courses with a natural resources management approach, by three of the companies with interesting training offers.

Higher Institute of Environment

  • Environment gisThe ISM has a specialty and competence very marked in the subject, reason why its courses are focused towards the management of the natural resources. They even have a Masters in Environmental Management.

Courses are attractive:

  • 1. Geographic Information Systems applied to the Environment
  • 2 Creation of Cartography Viewers
  • 3. Application of GIS to Coastal and Marine Environment Studies

In addition, its offer includes the following courses:

Practical Application of GIS to Landscape Studies

Practical Application of Geographic Information Systems to Hydrology

AutoCad for Environmental Technicians

Inventory of Flora and Fauna with GIS / GPS techniques.


  • Environment gisThese courses are in charge of Geosolucions, a company established in Andorra.
  • These courses focus on water resource design and management, both for water supply and sanitation.

  • 1. Design of drainage and urban drainage networks with Giswater
  • 2. Design of drinking water supply networks with Giswater

3. Introduction to the design of urban drainage and drainage networks with EPA SWMM

Also included in your offer:

Geographic information systems with QGIS applied to Giswater

  • Geographic information systems applied to municipal management
  • Specialization course in Geographic Information Systems with QGIS

In the case of Geo-Training, if you claim the discount code GEOFUMADAS, you will get a discount of 20% in all courses offered by the company.


Environment gisThis company has an offer of more than 40 courses, in assisted and also autonomous modalities known as Geoplay. Their courses are with both free and private software.

Among the outstanding are:

1. GIS Applied to the use of the professional of the Territory

2. Superior Course in GIS. Specialty in Hydrological Management

3. Superior Course in GIS. Specialty in Wildlife Management

For a sample of the offer of Geoinnova we can mention:

GIS course specialty in territory and natural environment

  • ArcGIS 10. Management of protected species and natural spaces
  • Maxent and ArcGIS. Predictive models of species distribution, ecological niches and connectivity using GIS technologies.

In conclusion. Interesting offers to keep in mind when looking for training alternatives.

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