A pedestrian bridge with the DNA structure

Double helix bridge

DNA is recognized as the identifier of life, and based on this concept, the Marina Bay Pedestrian Bridge impresses us with its unique design so far and a geometry that will allow the similarity of walking through a DNA grid.

In plan has a curved shape, with a step of 6 meters wide, almost 300 meters of total length and clear 65 meters will link the Central Business District of Singapore with the casino complex recognized as the largest in the world. It is designed for pedestrian use, so it has viewpoints along its path, with all certainty an enviable destination to enjoy in the reclaimed area of ​​the sea known as Marina Bay.


In its design 65 participated people from different branches to achieve a product that will give a new milestone to bridge engineering, implementing concepts of balance of helicoidal forces not used before. and surprisingly, the bridge will use 20% less steel than if it had been developed under a conventional design.

The primary grid was built using Bentley Generative Components, then the structural design with Bentley Structural that now has already integrated STAAD and RAM (acquisitionsd the last three years). The 3D animation was made with Bentley Triforma. For different processes it was programmed with Visual Basic and with the complicity of Excel to make approximations that would allow that the complexity of the design did not affect its modular construction.

The ingenuity is due to Arup, Who with this project became creditors of the First In the BE Awards 2007 year in the category Design, Analysis and Structural Documentation in the line of Civil Engineering.

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  1. As a student of civil engineering I really like the idea since if this is the structure of our DNA and it is super resistant because it does not test with a bridge with these structural characteristics and see and internalize results of the efforts of the reinforcing bars (Steel), if one intends to make this material or another, what is important is to see the behavior of the bridge before the effects of our mother-nature.

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