A look at the 100 Mobile Mapper

Recently Ashtech launched its new team model, which was shown at the ESRI International Conference recently, called MobileMobile mapper 100 Mapper 100, which is an evolution with the characteristics of the Mobile Mapper 6 but with precisions superior to those of the ProMark3.

In essence, this is the team that I think Magellan will be holding for the next few years, because it finally breaks with that closed scheme of the PM3 that is certainly a donkey to work but limited in what we have all questioned.

The downside of the Promark3 is that it does not allow running third-party applications, for the ArcPad case. Although the simple game of screens with numbers of the size of the eyes of the grandfather are very practical.

Also the Promark had limitations to load conventional raster, unless they were binary. Otherwise a great team, if the cable is treated with care, that already gave us a can one day.

Then he MobileMapper 6 it was limited to being a device that did not support double frequency, although it supported post-processing, achieving sub-meter accuracy was limited. Neither could be base and then the size of the numbers that was to suffer, seems to inherit the 100.

What is the best of MM100

  • Precision. No doubt this is the most valuable, although the team is almost US $ 5,000. Almost 2,000 more than a Promark and four times what the MM6. Although they assure an optimization for data capture in guns and under covers maintaining high precision:

Minor of 50 centimeters in real time SBAS, less than 30 centimeters in real time DGPS and less than one centimeter with postprocess or in RTK.

  • Features GNSS. The options for differential correction are the biggest innovation when compared to the MM6 and even PM3:

45 parallel all-in-view channels
-L1 C / A
BLADE Technology
DGPS, RTK and postprocess with MobileMapper Office
It can capture raw data as a base, and it can also be Rover.
NMEA 183 messages output
RTCM2.3, RTCM3.1, CMR and CMR +, DBEN,
ATOM (This is an Ashtech wave called Optimized Messaging)
Supports third-party RTK bases: VRS, FKP, MAC

  • Windows. In 11 languages ​​among them Spanish, with which you can run ArcPad any other capture or navigation application that runs on Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • Extra Software. It comes with Mobile Mapping which is an application of Ashtech, GNSS Toolbox for GNS control, Mobile Mapping Field and Microsoft Office Mobile. Apart from Internet Explorer, ActiveSync and Transcriber for handwriting recognition.
  • In terms of connectivity, it brings like the MM6 Bluetooth, but it already supports Wireless 802.11. It also supports docking station.
  • Just like the MM6 brings camera, compass sensor, microphone to store and speaker.
  • It comes with an 256 MB card and the lithium battery is already charged in three hours. In addition, the adapter is no longer a strange thing but a universal AC charger.

In short, a real-time submetric equipment. Until a novelty, we will have to wait for the name game, since it includes Promark 100 and Promark 200, which I understand are the same but with antenna and software of geodesy. The one that varies is the Mobile Mapper 10, which is revised Broader in this link.

mm100 It does not look bad, although you have to try it. That Magellan happens to be Ashtech, then again becomes Magellan seems to start to stabilize, although he took by the way one or another representative of one of the two brands. But from the bad experiences of the MMPro times, we have seen better support capacity from Ashtech, and we hope that Promark3's jump to these teams does not mean making them totally obsolete to the degree that it happened with the Pro.

Good Pro, but chaotic handling of your mistakes.

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  1. I have a spectra presicion and in the gnss toolbox I can not see utm coordinates, do you know how to configure it?

  2. I am from peru. I have acquired a SPECTRA L1 DIFFERENTIAL GPS, but it only works with the GPS constellation I want to know how the GLONASS constellation is activated.
    Thank you very much for the reply.



  4. good that such because when loading 2 gps mobilemaper 100 appears in one yellow light and in another red light at his side should not appear the same color of light ...

  5. Hi, I need video tutorials to manage the program for post processing in Spanish is the gsnn solution

  6. Hi, I need video tutorials for the management of promark fild 100 in Spanish.
    Could you give me some address

  7. The comment is about the question of the survey you want to ask with 100 promarck and other GPS equipment, you will have to convert the files of the other equipment that is not promarck to RINEX file and then do post-processing with the GGSS program of ASterch solution. luck.

  8. Hello how .... for a while I did not go in here ... but I do not know if it works for you ... if you actually have the license for the post process ... it sells separately ...

  9. Good day I would like to know how the postprocess is done in a 100 mobilemapper or a league to see the greetings and thanks


    Dear I need, can I collaborate?

    I have a molibe mapper 6 and I have not been able to perform the postprocessing process, I recently learned that the program or software is a license and to perform the post process is another, since when I activate the box register raw gross data for postprocess, I get That the license is not valid.

    Please help


    Dear I need, can I collaborate?

    I have a molibe mapper 6 and I have not been able to perform the postprocessing process, I recently learned that the program or software is a license and to perform the post process is another, since when I activate the box register raw gross data for postprocess, I get That the license is not valid since it was providing the software.

    Can you help me in this?

    I am waiting for a comment thanks

  12. Hello, I am from Colombia, which submetric equipment you recommend me to use as a rover, having a pro base for an excellent postprocess as a local base, I mention it because it is for topographic measurements of vacant land for titling processes for example (I use in geodesic plate and in it I place the pro as a base while I do the perimeter with MM100 after with the file of both the rover and the base that I use in this case I do the postprocessing ...) for this type of example that rover you recommend that you give me results with greater precision in postprocessing
    Or if you have a better idea of ​​how to do the survey I mentioned earlier
    Another question if I do this under this method can be used for mooring coordinates

    Or recommend me buy two MM100 to use one as base and another as rover thanks for the attention paid

  13. How much does it cost and how is the payment method

  14. The mobile maper 100 is for topographic surveys greetings

  15. I want to know if there is any application of mobile mapper that can be used in the ipad or iphon

  16. Yes it could, but the accuracy is not adequate. Staking requires centimeter or millimeter accuracy, especially if it is plots.

  17. Thank you for your comment, it helps me a lot greetings from Mexico and congratulations to this page luck

  18. Let's see if I understood by parts:

    -A GPS Mobile Mapper 100 requires a post-processing license, so that the data they take can be adjusted using this method.
    - It will always be more accurate post-processing against data taken with another equipment or a local base than against Rinex data.
    -In this site there are several articles that indicate how post-processing is done using the Mobile Mapper Office, both using the Mobile Mapping and the Mobile Mapper Office.

  19. Good day, could you help me with some questions?

    I have an 100 mobilemapper with arcpad ... but I want to post-process you recommend me to acquire the post-processing license to make the subsequent adjustments in my pc or I can download the rinex data to tie it later without having to acquire the post-process license ... or it's more It is convenient to acquire the postprocessing code or the same goes with the code activated or without code activated ... if it is without the activation code you could tell me how to perform the postprocess from the download of the rinex dator, the rinex data transformation to ashtech the data tie of both the gps and the data gives rinex ... or how is the process in the mobilemapper office.

    In advance thank you and greetings from mexico

  20. Good morning, my question is if with the MM100 I can carry out basic outlines, such as stakeout, of course it is feeding you with real points.

  21. Hi rochin
    It depends on the application you want. Usually for planimetry it is sufficient (plot measurement), if the data is postprocessed, but if it is altimetry work, such as generating land survey for an irrigation design or staking for a road grade, the elevation accuracy It is not enough, because there ten centimeters count when designing a channel or marking a cut.

    For topography, the ideal is total station, conventional theodolite or level of precision.

  22. Hi G. I have a MM6 team with prosproceso, do you think this MM100 team could really achieve such precisions, so that it could function as a reliable team for surveys? Topographical ... Thanks

  23. I would recommend Garmin GPS Map 62st. I do not trust Magellan. It is my criterion.

  24. I am a botanist, I do not require the precision of a surveyor, and I had thought of a Magellan Triton. What do you think?

  25. Totally true. The cable seems very weak in the part that connects to the antenna, it requires a lot of care.

    Like the USB cable of the total station, if it is the crazy one, it sure does not work anymore. They are expensive to buy them by individual, apart they take to arrive if there is no existence.

  26. It was time for all those considerations. The bad of these equipments are the cables.
    Greetings to all

  27. Our friends,

    I have a MM6 and I work in perfect working conditions, and time these devices are excellent and very helpful especially for the elderly, congratulations on the new creations, keep going.

    God bless everyone-

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