An AutoCAD manual, very good

imageIf you are looking for an AutoCAD manual, there are many options but one of the best I have found is this, although it is for the version 2007 , below is a link for the 2008 version, you can see the news of AutoCAD 2008 here. This manual has the advantage that it is in Spanish and it is quite complete.

Among the best features:

Has 1366 pages in 33 chapters, pdf format

An index at the end where it is easy to find a specific topic

A very complete and practical theme

1 part User interface

  • Toolbars and menus
  • Command window
  • DesignCenter
  • Customizing the drawing environment

Part 2 Starting, organizing and saving drawings

  • Tool palettes
  • Starting a Drawing
  • Open or save a drawing
  • Repair, restitution or recovery of files
  • Maintenance of standards in drawings

Part 3 Control of views of drawings

  • Change views
  • Using Display Tools 3D
  • Presentation of several views in model space

Part 4 Choosing a Work Process

  • Creating single-sided drawings (model space)
  • Create drawing presentations with multiple views
  • Drawing of geometric objects
  • Creation and use of blocks (symbols)
  • Modifying existing objects

Part 5 Creating and Modifying Objects

  • Control of the properties of objects
  • Using Display Tools 3D
  • Presentation of several views in model space

Part 6 Working with 3D models

  • Creating 3D models
  • Modifying 3D solids and surfaces
  • Creating 2D sections and drawings from 3D models

7 part Shadows, notes, tables and dimensions

  • Shades, fillings and covers
  • Notes and Labels
  • Tablas
  • Dimensions and tolerances

Part 8 Layout and publication of drawings

  • Preparation of drawings for layout and publication
  • Printing of drawings
  • Publication of drawings

Part 9 Possibility of sharing data between drawings

  • Reference to other drawing files

Part 10 Creating More Real Images and Graphics

  • Add lighting to the model


Thanks to the Gabriel Ortiz forum we found the link to AutoCAD 2008 manual

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