Tell your AutoCAD experience and receive a video camera


That's right, AutoDesk will be giving away cameras to those users who are willing to impress them with a story of how AutoCAD changed their lives; so have announced it in the blog between the lines.

And do not think you'll be given a simple camera, it's the Flip Video, a powerful camera that allows you to record up to 60 minutes of video, which includes an integrated USB microphone and arm, among other things.

To participate you just have to send an email saying what video you are willing to create ... and impress Hurley. AutoCAD does this to promote its podcast program, while helping them learn the good practices of its users.

Among the stories they expect may be creative projects that you have designed with AutoCAD and if you are selected, the only commitment is to send them the captured video with the same camera that you give them.

So if you are a user of AutoCAD, you think it has been very useful and you have enough creativity, you should send an email to In the mail you must indicate who you are, what you do and what you hope to include in your video.

Do you dare? ... If not, spread the word among your friends because the number of cameras is limited.

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