Almost the last letter to my collaborators ... I did not go

Just today ten days ago, as you know, I stopped signing the procedures related to a project that had me occupied and inspired for seven years. Surely they have been waiting for an explanation, because only a couple of very close people knew a few days before, although it was planned from the day I decided that I would not lose my inspiration. I was waiting for the quiet night of a hotel and the decision of whether to remove or leave a couple of lines of writing.

That's right, I will no longer coordinate the command, and my opinions will hardly be suggestions of good intention. Someone else will take the challenge that comes to evolve the stage of the process, without losing sight of what works, nor patience for simple things that work only to affect the mood of those in the field breastfeeding with honor.

I am pleased to have built from scratch with you a strengthening model based on joint management, in which the heroes of the business are not the geofumed ideologues but the ordinary people who do everyday tasks every day, because they are passionate about it. It is a privilege for me to have learned from three types, who taught me that they knew how to reinvent their knowledge to a scheme that started on the napkin of a restaurant, and that fed on the discipline of those who perhaps did not understand their dimension at the beginning, because seeks that all are experts but do what corresponds to them more the complementary contribution of aunts and uncles who only deserve my respect for knowing how to combine what they do masterfully.

The impressions of 300 users from two continents in my last webinar are not coincident with the way they saw me the first time I raised it 7 years ago, especially since a lot of how it would work we developed thinking out loud on the open road, with people that more than my accomplices at this point they became "my friends." But the impressive thing is that it is not something impressive, because it is not part of innovative ideas, just the realization of obvious routines:

  • To remove from 230 temporary contract technicians a generation of 16 whom I would recommend with closed eyes, even with a certificate for the American embassy. Although they failed me once, because they disappointed me in the second, but to whom I would give them a third chance because one day I had them in front, and I know exactly what I saw in their eyes that afternoon in the Valley of Quimistán.
  • Have an expert in cadastre implementation teach everything he knows, knowing that one day he would do without it; but convinced that I signed him for his ability to make clones with just his height.
  • Convert a simple field technician into a methodological driver who can watch out for 20 municipalities at the same time, in charge of guys who were formed just a couple of years ago; that matured to the degree of trusting them only because he himself taught them to use from a Garmin browser to create a grid of UTM coordinates.
  • Break the taboo that a beautiful woman can not be a cadastre consultant with the same capabilities as a man; who can lead a team of field leperos who would eat it whole, but who do not because he earned the respect in his art to level the total station in 53 seconds, without losing the femininity of his cheto; that the afternoon split into an open town hall presenting the cadastral values ​​of the new quinquennium and at night it recovers the sweetness of seeing itself in the mirror and feeling special for that person whom it decided to love.
  • Find people who are not cadastre people, but that as they heard me talking about plots translated the method into administrative, financial, managerial processes ... it has been the best; not because we were a luxury together, but because in the mistakes of others we found our strengths to complement each other.
  • Convincing the municipalities that the commonwealth can assume the roles of cadastre, and that the mayors can allocate a resource of the income they receive in an annual injection so that the cadastre is a daily action that produces development.
  • Convince me on the phone that whoever is on the other end of the line is the person who will complement my smoker ideas; Who knows that 15 has years more experience than I, but that in the only way to be faithful I would be reduced to the simplicity of admiring my nonsense, for the simple curiosity to know if on this side of the canabis the whole world is crazy.
  • Conduct one of the most critical stages of the process, and bring me the satisfaction that three days before leaving the law we drive was approved at the national congress in a period of distractionGeophysicalIs electoral.
  • Find friends even in those people who have offended more than once ...

I would list more, but I will only repeat what they ... you know, although in the third person evidenced.

... where I'm going.

10 years ago I was part of a geofundada literal, in which I discovered that there is nothing better than doing what we like; while the inspiration lasts. I was not even part of that process, just the guinea pig they used to test if it was possible to polish ordinary people; although for that they should send me to a course of Dale Carnegie, get me an American visa of 30 days, give me shoes bigger than my feet, convince me that I could do things well not for being brilliant but for the balance between discipline and stupidity.

The experience was unique; As a result of that we made several mistakes together, but we also felt the chill that comes from winning for the first time a prize for the country that almost saw us born. Almost like when Honduras beat Mexico in the Azteca. It was pleasant one day to be in front of a rest of smokes around the world, telling them how we did with passion what we could, but with the conception of something that was out of their time with the technology of those years. That in the FIG of Czechoslovakia a guy who sketched in the abstract the Model LADM said ... Děvky ty jsi kdo, kurva Hondurasu?

We did not learn anything new, we only learned that the wheel is already invented. That it is not necessary to change it, that the separation in the axis of the carriage is just the measure that allowed to the two horses that do it not to rub the ass and that is why now the cars have that measurement. But we also learned that just that width has the train rails ... without there being a justification because that hulk will never be dragged by horses.

As a result of that experience, I still know brilliant people in many places. So ingenious but simple and frank; from them I learned that the nobility titles of the academic classes are important only in a couple of Latin American countries; They look good in the signature of the email but they are redundant in the context of the obvious. They taught me to be arrogant in half a sentence to keep good humor, but to be corny in the signature to remind me that self-esteem begins as the transformed Laplace.

Stay there

The circumstances of life led me to sink into the guts of the municipal cadastres, to understand what people want there below and why ever from the frontdesk it was possible to put them to make cadastral maintenance in the national system.

It was so obvious, but it was necessary to be there to prove it. Because the multi-purpose cadastre does not consist of the amount of data it has, but the capacity to benefit ordinary people. The municipality does not gain anything by doing cadastre, it is hardly an expense; his business almost always is to collect taxes and for that he could not do cadastre; thus the gain would be greater. Your business is not to make territorial planning plans, that is very expensive, but you need to make people live better; for what maps painted in a pdf are not enough.

So what we did was the obvious. Make the cadastre work with students recently graduated from the baccalaureate, with the precision that the business needed for the mayors to love their cost. Convincing the councilors that for every dollar invested in the cadastre they could return 6 in benefits to the population. To convince ourselves that the municipalities did not even need us as experts, but as apprentices of the most elementary things, but that we could build a model that came to influence the public policies of a country.

So stay there, where they are concerned. Because the profitability of my contribution for you is not technical, like that AutoCAD course that week in Intibucá; they will understand that this day was to be close to all for the last time; for demonstrating that we did not know how to make layouts in Microstation, but that it was possible to give birth to the way thinking out loud. My contribution was never to solve their problems or give the blessing to whom to contract or reject; the exercise just led us to show that inspiration is enough to find talent and fruit of the most arid territories.

Stay there because Che on Facebook is right: this continent does not occupy liberators, but people who are capable of liberating themselves. Stay there because discipline in simple things will make them have something to show. They invest time in complementing their deficiencies, their bad spelling, their unfinished university career, their little passion to read, to investigate,

and above all for writing; because that is not a pleasure to excel, rather it is a tool to order ideas. The obvious does not occupy order; but our ideas should be linked systematically and translated into scribbles on a blackboard, in blog articles, in training manuals, in the systematization of good practices, in the conceptualization of processes ...

If you design a cadastral sheet on an Excel sheet and distribute it freely, they are called; if by updating an appraisal method they are hired to facilitate a workshop; if one day to write in a blog, they are called from Holland to moderate a table of experts in BIM models ... they tell me why that will make me happy. But do everything with passion, from pinching a point in an orthophoto to drawing a building on the third floor of a condominium: because while they do it inspired, they will transmit that passion to others.

And if one day you feel that there is a geofumada that attracts you more than what you are doing, then take it. Because sub-performance is not a sign of being blocked, it is the suggestion to concentrate the smell on something that is there, trying to remind us that there is nothing better than being inspired.

... I did not leave. I just went back to the table of inspiration.

Thanks for forwarding it to the 16 that seems to be on this dedication.

With love


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