GIS Software Alternatives

We are currently experiencing a boom in many technologies and brands whose application in geographical information systems is feasible in this list, separated by the type of license. Each of them has link to page where you can find more information:Commercial software, or at least with non-free license

  1. ArcGIS (World leader in GIS applications)
  2. Autodesk Map (World leader in CAD applications)
  3. CadCorp
  4. Caris
  5. CartaLinx
  6. Geomedia
  8. manifold
  9. MapInfo
  10. Maptitude
  11. MicroStation Geographics (now Bentley Map)
  12. SavGIS (Freeware)
  13. Smallworld
  14. SPRING (Freeware)
  15. TatukGIS
  16. TNTMips
  17. TransCAD

Free softwaregenerally Not very popularAlthough many of them are as robust or better than non-free ones.

  1. GeoPista
  2. GeoServer
  3. GRASS
  4. GvSIG
  5. ILWIS
  6. Generic Mapping Tools (GMT)
  7. JUMP
  8. Kosmo
  9. LocalGIS
  10. MapGuide Open Source
  11. MapServer
  12. MapWindow GIS
  13. Quantum GIS
  14. SAGA GIS
  16. UDIG

At least 14 of these applications run on Mac, or via Java and 17 on Linux. Recently we made comparisons, here you can see some:

Maybe we have heard something from ArcGIS, Geomedia, Mapinfo, Manifold, Grass, GvSig ... although almost all of us have seen comments scattered in many forums, it is possible that a concentrated comparison of all of them is missing. Are there opinions about the others that you want to share? Also in this Wikipedia page A comparative in tabular form is shown

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  1. The alternatives are always good. Commercial softwares deserve a lot of investment and many times they do many things that we can achieve with a free soft.

  2. You have left a very widespread GIS in England, Japan, Australia and USA ... less known in other countries but increasingly has more users.


    It is the GIS platform that reads more formats natíentemente (without needing to import), and a perfect ally to attack any type of database.

    a greeting

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