Apply transparent colors to images

Many pictures Have been cut from polygons, but in doing so, a transparent color was not established in the background and an annoying black appears. Or in other cases, we wish that a range of colors are not visible; Let's see how to do it:

With gvSIG.

I'm using The stable 1.9 version, that finally the download craze ended, and in less twenty minutes it goes down. In passing, see the locator in the left panel, in the style of Qgis.

Gvsig tansparencia images

To add transparency to the image the following is done:

  • Right click on the layer, in the side frame, we choose Raster properties.
  • Then in the displayed panel, we choose the tab transparency, And activated the checkbox
  • It is necessary to know the rgb color combinations, in this case I want to eliminate the black, the combination is easy: 0,0,0. So we add it, at the moment the black becomes transparent.
  • In case you do not know the rgb code, you can select it from the screen with some free programs that go around, like the Visual Color Picker, to give an example.

Gvsig tansparencia images

To save the changes press to accept

More colors can be added, although it would not hurt that for future versions gvSIG will add a color selector that captures it with a click on the screen.

With Microstation V8

In the Raster manager, Select the image with the right button, and then Attachment settings.

  • We checked the checkbox Transparent
  • Then we choose the color that is expected transparent.
  • Then press the button Apply

Gvsig tansparencia images

Oops! You can only choose one and a transparency condition for all the rest.

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