April 2008, summary of the month

April was a complicated month, many trips but good results. Today is a day that with irony is celebrated on the day of work I hope to rest enough.

Here a summary of what tropical summer left in 45 tickets, five more than the script says.

Google Earth, Novelties and comparisons with other similar applications ... or of similar perversion

  1. Synchronize ArcGIS with Google Earth
  2. Where to download the new version of Google Earth
  3. World Wind, NASA's Google Earth
  4. ArcGIS Explorer, very similar to Google Earth but ...
  5. Google Maps, now with contours
  6. Google Earth updates orthography, April 2008

About geospatial applications, topography and cadastre

  1. Map Suite dares to challenge Manifold
  2. Where to find maps of El Salvador
  3. Engineering in Surveying, available in Guatemala
  4. KML ... OGC compatible or monopoly format?
  5. Comparative Analysis of GIS Software
  6. The UTM coordinates in the southern hemisphere
  7. Installing Microstation XM
  8. Where to find Microstation manuals

AutoCAD, themes for users of the AutoDesk line

  1. Portal blocks, + 12,000 blocks of AutoCAD
  2. The wish list for AutoCAD 2010
  3. 13 AutoCAD 2009 Videos
  4. AutoDesk graduates file finder
  5. A great blogger is retired of AutoDesk
  6. Will AutoDesk launch AutoGIS Max?

Events of importance, Both AutoDesk, ESRI, Manifold and Bentley have something on the agenda nearby.

  1. Soil Management Course in Urban Projects
  2. ESRI Central American Conference
  3. AutoDesk, ESRI and Manifold in the CalGIS 2009
  4. The Bentley annual conference, with new format
  5. Civil Seminars 3D a good strategy of AutoDesk in Spain

General advice For bloggers and Geeks, talking about my income from blogging, moderation criteria and more.

  1. 6 months of earnings in Geofumadas
  2. How to convert docx files to doc
  3. Speaking of cartography ... without many words
  4. Happy earth day, 10 ecology blogs
  5. Super Moderate Comments?
  6. This Blog is mine!
  7. File Extensions
  8. 7 Computer Phrases
  9. Google to establish headquarters in Costa Rica

From my personal agenda, Travel, travel, and more travel.

  1. I came back from the trip
  2. The agenda that I can not cover in Baltimore
  3. What the Geofumados eat
  4. Filling my schedule for Baltimore
  5. What am I doing now?
  6. What am I doing now?

Hot topics, The natural wonders seems to be a theme that brings me visitors passionate about cultural tourism

  1. 7 natural wonders What the hell happened?
  2. The population: a disadvantage in 7 natural wonders

Sponsored Links, In order to maintain the credibility of my content, these are the entries that have been handled under Zync's sponsorship and Reviewme ... part of the monetization experiment of this blog, the fact that they are sponsored does not mean that they are not of interest ... and that they have been seen With critical eye.

  1. Christopher Columbus 2008 version
  2. NewsGPS.com, a blog dedicated to GPS
  3. Debt Refinancing

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