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This is perhaps one of the best courses of AutoCAD I have seen, under which they are served under the virtual classroom format. From the same authors of VectorAula, who also teach Corel Draw and Web Design courses.

Autocad courseAlthough there are many modalities and alternatives, the most valuable of this is the tutoring and evaluation system of progress; which differs from a course taken voluntarily type watch-repeat and also that can be started at any time, without having to wait for a call.

The full course lasts 90 hours, which can be met and repeated to taste over a period of 12 weeks. Each week contains a chapter in a total of 71 topics as follows:

1 - Installation and Configuration

1. Requirements and Installation
2. Work environment
3. Basic setup, display and menus

2 - First contact

4. Introduction: CAD, objectives, previous knowledge
5. Basic work process
6. Basic, linear and circular drawing entities
7. Basic edition: erased, parallel, orthogonal drawing, lengthening and trimming
8. Printing drafts
9. Graphics Storage

3 - Accuracy in drawing

10. Object references
11. Data entry modes: mouse, keyboard, and mixed
12. Coordinate Systems
13. Methods of entity selection
14. Rack
15. Angular Limitations
16. Work Accelerators
17. Visualization of plans: enlargement and framing of areas and details

4 - Complex Entities and Editing

18. Complex shapes: curves, polygons, ellipses, quadratic and cubic curves
19. Geometry modification
20. Control of position and rotation of elements
21. Control of size, length, and proportions
22. Duplication of repetitive objects: individual, structured, radial, matrix, mirrored and parallel
23. Direct modifications with grips
24. Drawing marks: points, divisions and graduations

5 - Project Management

25. Control of the properties of objects. Color, symbolic and representative assignment. Thickness of lines. Types of line. Size of dashed lines
26. Organization of projects by layers. The layer properties manager. Control of visibility and printing of entities.
27. Creation and configuration of the default parameters of different projects. The template tab
28. Cleaning definitions.

6 - Annotations and Symbology

29. Annotations, writing and texts. Set text styles
30. Sections and stripes. Shading Patterns
31. Process of creating a predesigned element. Guidelines for inserting a block. Tips and precautions in using blocks
32. Share information between drawings. Drag and drop from one open drawing to another
33. Data associated with elements. Define, insert and edit blocks with attributes

7 - Printing Projects 2D

34. Printing and plotting
35. Set up presentations
36. Page Setup. Layout of several views. Labeling box. Calculation of the scale. Printing styles.
37. Layout presentations
38. Print presentation
39. Convert to PDF
40. Projects in DWF format

8 - Dimensioning

41. Placement of linear, aligned, angular, radial, sequential and associated dimensions
42. Dimension Style Management
43. Dimension Modifiers
44. Adaptation of dimensions, location in planes
45. Calculation of areas

9 -Introduction to 3D

46. Isometric Drawings 2D
47. 3D workspace
48. Three-dimensional visualization
49. Visual Styles of 3d Objects
50. View Cube
51. Dynamic Orbiting
52. Parallel perspective and conic perspective
53. Transformation of 2D objects into 3D. Elevation of walls
54. 2D Modifiers in 3D
55. Personal Coordinate Systems

10 - 3D Objects

56. Solid vs. Tights
57. Primitive solids: prism, wedge, sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid
58. Projected solids: extrusion, high, rotation
59. Combination solids. Boolean operations
60. Surfaces
61. Basic meshes
62. Complex meshes and police meshes
63. Object Conversion

11 - Modeling in 3D

64. 3D Modifiers
65. Solid Editing & Surface Molding Tools
66. Cuts and Sections

12 - 3D project presentations

67. Photo realistic display: Render
68. Lighting: shadows, solar lighting, artificial lighting.
69. Materials: textures, mapping, finishes.
70. Background
71. 3D advanced printing. Final photo realistic presentation of the project in 3d. Sheet configuration. Delivery in digital formats.

The price of the course is for the 190 Euros, not bad if it is considered a course not only 2D but also 3D with certificate that you send by conventional mail at the end.

autocad online course

Does not include program, but can use one educational version of AutoCAD that is fully functional to learn. This is a list of some of the digital materials included:

  • Course manual with 12 training units (410 pages)
  • 12 step-by-step guided tutorials (95 pages)
  • 35 free resolution practices
  • 2D Blocks Collection
  • 3D object collection
  • Manual of novelties of AutoCAD 2011 and 2010 in (65 pages)
  • AutoCAD 2011 and 2010 user manual in (1024 pages)
  • Quick Reference Sheets (6 pages)
  • Attachments: Articles, Tutorials and Examples (60 Pages)

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  1. Thank you for recommending us.
    We try to do the course as we would have liked to learn it. We are continually improving it thanks to freedback with the students.
    In a few months we will update again to v.2014 with more videos and exercises in real drawings.
    Thanks again

  2. an interesting course and with a good program of study .... it is possible that we were given or included free at least the didactic part so we in Latin America we can not have access to this course payment meterial to follow? ……James

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