AutoCAD WS, the best of AutoDesk for web

AutoCAD WS is the name with which Project Butterfly landed, after AutoDesk after Many attempts To come and interact with the web, to acquire the Israeli company Sequoia-Backed, which was working PlanPlatform to interact with dxf / dwg files via web.

It is one of the most promising applications of AutoDesk, especially for the multifunctionality of uses that it can have in different operating systems that until now have been limited by Windows. With this, a Linux user can view and edit a dwg file, a Mac user and mobile toys.

A few months ago the version was released for download via App Store, which allows running AutoCAD WS on Iphone and the Ipad tablet. Not bad, if we consider that it is free although its capabilities are still basic and are slower than the web version that already has great progress.

Let's see what features AutoCAD WS has for mobile.

Autocad ws View dwg / dxf files. You can see files of up to 2010 versions, only that takes the credit. Running it on Ipad requires having an account, the surprising thing is that I had shared a file a long time ago since it was called Butterfly, and when I logged in with my username / password -Which I did not even remember- I could see that he is still there with some scribbles that others have done to him.

There are also some test samples that can be downloaded:

  • A plane in elevation
  • A mechanical part drawing
  • An example of an urbanization with a geospatial appearance

Basic edition. Almost what this mobile version does is Redline, although its potential is here more than in the online tool.

  • At the construction level you can draw line, polyline, circle, rectangle and text; all with a fairly easy but limited interaction.
  • At the editing level, touching an object activates the move, scale, rotate and erase commands.
  • You can also take measurements and make annotations with cloud, rectangle, freehand line and text box.
  • In terms of visualization, for now you have two options, with all colors and in gray scale. The web version supports a view in layout, similar to Paperspace.
  • It has a color palette with which to choose between 10 options, there is no level control or line styles.

Autocad ws

The web version is more advanced, most basic construction and editing commands (trim, offset, array, chamfer, etc.) are already available. Including control of layers, line styles, boundary and snap styles.

It also supports uploading Google Maps reference, which I think will give you a lot of potential. The download can be done by choosing the format, which can be R14, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2010 or as .zip with included references.

Autocad ws

This can be executed by WindowsMobile users with any tablet, to work online. The offline version is more delayed, at least the Ipad version, so users of this rosette stone should wait patiently, because the problem that Adobe brings with Apple does not allow an ipad to run flash, -a really lame-

Share. This is a very attractive aspect although I believe that few have had experiences in it. Autodesk guarantees that it has encryption, that possibly opens the door to collaborative works without fear of getting lost along the way. It is interesting one of the tabs that the timeline shows, with the different modifications that a file has had.

Autocad ws For now in the mobile version has already integrated Dropbox, a good alternative for storage in the cloud. It does not hurt to be pending Blog, Because there announce the news.

To upload files, you can do it from the web platform, or from AutoCAD installing A plugin With which it can also be synchronized with a mobile device.


In my opinion, the best I've seen in AutoDesk innovations for the web, although it is not clear to me yet if AutoDesk will charge for this tool in the future, and based on that. A big step towards interaction with the cloud, and much more functional than the attempts that Bentley had before with Project Wise WEL, although that's where the Navigator version Which bears the disadvantage that it remains client.

Go to AutoCAD WS

Download AutoCAD WS for Ipad

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