AutoDesk, ESRI and Manifold in the CalGIS 2009

It is not surprising to see AutoDesk and ESRI at the annual conference of Geographic Information Systems of California because they are sponsors of gold (that is, they release 5,000 green bills annually), but with great surprise we see that Manifold has also cast in the exhibition of the 22 April 2008 pre-conference.

Esri ESRI will be presenting tips and tools to increase productivity using ArcGIS 9.2. The topics that are expected to be covered are:

  • Tips for working with Excel and ArcMap files
  • Working with CAD data
  • Handling mappings, layers and other "seemingly hidden"
  • Tricks to save time in mapping and using symbols
  • Tips for exporting and printing from ArcMap
  • Question and Answer Plenary

My predictions:

  • ESRI users will say: Wow!
  • those from AutoDesk: mmm beauty colored maps
  • the ones from manifold: whta's the price !!! ????

autodesk AutoDesk will be presenting in the voice of Jeremiah McKnelly the solutions that AutoCAD provides in the GIS environment. The theme focuses on the insistence of AutoDesk to gain ground in the field GIS, trying that users respond to the question in which ESRI has had us pissed off: Why is it necessary to work the CAD data apart, and then pass them to GIS, and edit them back to CAD?

Now that AutoDesk has advanced a little (not much we say) in giving capabilities to AutoCAD for the management of coordinate systems, thematic analysis, connection to Oracle spatial data, SQL Server and ArcSDE, the 25 years boy dares to challenge us to Test if the accuracy of your applications can beat the aesthetics of ArcGIS without dying in memory consumption.

The topics:

  • GIS process flows, tricks and novelties for the 2009 presented by local AutoDesk distributors in California
  • Local customers who have implemented geospatial solutions from AutoDesk share the benefits and headaches.
  • Introduction to AutoDesk and its strategy to support the Open Source Geospatial Foundation

My predictions:

  • Those from AutoDesk will say: Great!
  • those of ESRI: mmm, interesting, could you edit?
  • Manifold: what time is it?

manifoldsAnd to begin to provoke misgivings, manifold is cast in this exhibition in voice and mania by Robin M. Wood.

However manifold seeks to be heard, and for this he has challenged people to take their laptop, as they will have a wireless network available, each user will receive a temporary license Manifold 8 to puree live and live.

Space is limited and the theme is:

  • Manifold's general exhibition, a quick look at what's inside the $ 245 box
  • Installing Manifold
  • Orientation on the user interface
  • Connecting databases and import data (obvious to those who want to challenge, because they will import shapes and personal geodatabases)
  • Management of tables and queries
  • Creating maps
  • Publishing maps in IMS services

ah ... they will give complete material that includes instructional videos.

My predictions:

  • Those of Manifold will say: ohhhhhh !!!!
  • those from AutoDesk: mmm, who is Manifold?
  • ESRI: excuse me, did you say $ 245 ???

Anyway, this is just the preconference show, so if you're near California, or you'll be walking around ... it would be worth going to an event that for 13 years in a row has shown the best of private trends in GIS ... maybe one day we will see something transcendental of the free alternatives

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