Will AutoDesk launch AutoGIS Max?

According to assumptions by James Fee, in his unpopular blog, AutoDesk is about to announce a new alternative in GIS applications, and although it does not reveal its source, it seems that AutoDesk will announce it soon ... although it is surely a joke of the famous day " April Fool's Day. "

Smoking the current, this makes us suppose several things, it is ruled out that AutoDesk thinks to leave with a play like when it sent with Land, wanting to kill Civil Sourvey. Some have argued that in the latest version of Civil 3D, almost all the features of AutoCAD Map have been merged between what was previously Softdesk (Civil Sourvey) and AutoCAD Map.

Smurf autocad gis maxThe smoked of the proposal is that AutoDesk plans to create a super package that summarizes the features of Geoengineering, including Land Desktop, Map 3D, Civil 3D and MapGuide, all under the environment of AutoCAD 2009 and shortening its name to what it calls AutoGIS Max and with Smurf services.

At the end of the road, the struggle between AutoDesk to gain ground in the geospatial field is serious, especially now that the platforms of development and robustness of equipment have managed to grow and the prices every day are lower, eye! I said platforms and equipment, not products. It is possible that ESRI does not have intentions in the field of Engineering or Architecture, which have it well earned AutoDesk and Bentley, both with different strategic models but very well sustained for almost three decades, at least in our western environment.

Here the assertions of the mysterious source of James Fee, translated to the version of our Hispanic caliche:

With much pride AutoDesk announces the launch of AutoCAD 2009 AutoGIS Max, a new desktop GIS tool built on the stable platform of AutoCAD 2009. AutoCAD 2009 AutoGIS Max Incorporates all the features of AutoCAD Land Desktopment and Civil Map 3D, but with a shorter name ... Good or what could be.

Users will not only have access to the previous features of AutoCAD Land Desktop / Civil Map 3D but we announce that AutoCAD 2009 AutoGIS Max Has the new particularity of "Multiuser environment on demand", Known as SMURFS that will allow direct communication with users for a feedback process, facilitating that the GIS features are incorporated as they are implemented ... throughout the next decade ... AutoDesk will incorporate an icon of a blue smurf? (Smurf could mean Smurf) To familiarize users with the available GIS features.

AutoCAD 2009 AutoGIS Max it will also have a complement of AutoCAD 2009 AutoGIS MapGuide Extreme Web 2.0, a vanguard of Internet mapping services. Based on MapGuide, which has been developed with the help of the open source community, to whom we extend thanks for the many hours of free work, We sincerely appreciate your efforts. AutoCAD 2009 AutoGIS / MapGuide Extreme Web 2.0 Will also allow the visualization of drawings on platforms developed under the 2.0 Web environment

The future of the desktop interacting with the web mapping is here, come and enjoy it.

Well, a good joke by James Fee, and as he has done in the low profile blog has not received many comments yet, we'll see if he dares to announce it there too. If that's what we understand, AutoCAD got tired of having many tools and now wants to do a megaprogram in fashion "throughout Included, take it or leave it, or take whatever you occupy ... jolín"And how about a joke!

Suggestions of how much this wonder will cost? Let's add:

+ AutoCAD 2009 $ 3,995

+ Map3D $ 5,295

+ Civil 3D $ 7,495

+ Map Guide $ 495

+ The Smurf logo. $ 495

Total: $ 17,775 but for being a special user, you will not leave pirates at the modest price of ...

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