Awesome photos and videos of Japan earthquake and tsunami


It's just that, awesome. While in Western Europe we were getting up and in America we had the best of sleep, an earthquake of almost 9 Richter shook Japan when there was 3 in the afternoon.

Watch the videos of how water enters and drags homes, vehicles and boats is unique. It has been said that it is the strongest in 140 years in the history of Japan, and fifth worldwide. We remember the recent ones from Chile and Haiti, but the scenario of this one is very different.

It is curious to know that the death toll is so low, although it will surely grow as the damaged areas are more widely measured; Complete coastal populations may have disappeared. It is striking that in a supermarket, employees instead of running to take shelter under a column, protect the shop windows so that the product of their effort does not fall to the ground. A surprising culture of safety in infrastructures and education of what to do in those cases.

It remains to be seen what happens in the Pacific of America, which has been alerted, as the effect on the coasts will be seen several hours later. It has already been known that the effect has reached Hawaii, although it does not seem as scandalous as journalists and politicians are doing. Although they are moments of mourning for humanity, I laughed good time when two journalists tried to explain what time it would reach the coast of Peru, trying to calculate the number of hours projected, the speed that has been estimated for the waves and the difference in time since the wave comes against the time zone.

CORRECTION Japan Earthquake

Map-advance-tsunami-644x362 - 644x362

This map reflects the estimated hours of the effect of the remnant of the tsunami that will reach America. see that in the case of Chile, it is arriving at dawn but already on Saturday. While in Central America between the 8 and 12 at night.

Japan Earthquake Tsunami

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