Bentley opens competition category for students

image Bentley Systems has just announced that it has opened a category of awards for students that will be considered for the delivery of the 2009 BE Awards with prizes that go for $ 1,000 in each of the five participating categories plus software options for educational use in the institution of the participant.

Universities and technical colleges Can propose projects in one of three categories:

1. Architectural design

2. Assisted design using Generative Components

3 Engineering

In each of these three categories, students must demonstrate the problem to be solved and the solution using Bentley applications.

The students of High School can participate in the design of sports centers with a vision of the future using Microstation PowerDraft XM version. The name of the category goes around there ...

4. Design of sports centers of the future

Any other student or instructor may participate in a fifth category open to all academic public:

5. Animation and free artistic expression.

For more information you can call to this address:, the closing date for submitting projects is the 20 February 2009.

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